Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jerel's Testimony of the Gel

Note: This testimony has been altered in order to make it G rated for this site. To see the full story, email me at eikloressence@gmail.com.

BACKGROUND: Okay, I'm 50, 6'0 Tall, 280 LBS when I started the Gel. Have injuries from lower back, broken bones, car accidents, fell down a mountain while climbing in my 20's, Various Sports and Military injuries while from 16-23yrs. Fractured Ankle, Torn Bicep and Tendon in my Right Arm 2012, Very High Cholesterol (over 300), and My blood Pressure in Dec 2017 was 171/114. I was in bad shape. To add I was going through a divorce which finalized in 2013 and was dealing with Depression from the ordeal since 2012 and probably some prior.
So I've been using the Gel since Mid March. I enrolled in Early February but didn't begin because I was getting over being sick. I wanted to establish a "Normal" before starting. After a week being recovered from the Flu I felt myself again so I started the Gel.
DAYS 3-4: I noticed I had my first Dream, made a mental note. Why? I hardly ever dream.
DAY 5: I noticed that my morning wake up routine had modified. How? I woke up wide awake, not like a Water Buffalo. I stood straight up and went to the bathroom, unlike before which was OLD Man Stiff hobbling to the potty. I stood up straight (without the forward lean) and realized at the Toilet I was not in pain and didn't have to rush to get there.
DAY 8-9: My Mental Clarity was noticeable, I didn't feel like I needed a mid-day nap, coffee, energy drink or bar.
DAY 14: My energy was clearly leveling out for the full day. 5AM Wake up 10PM Bedtime - Consistent energy throughout the day. Decisions were easier, Getting up and out to "GET [THINGS] DONE" started again for me.
DAY 17/18: Decided to Weigh myself - Down 11lbs WT[H], I hadn't worked out or anything for these days. so I decided to re-acclimate to the gym again.
Day 21: I noticed my joints were having a better range of motion, the pain in my wrist, bicep and shoulder from the surgery was not present, my lower back had not caused me any problems all month and I was able to grip better. After my Arm surgery my right grip was compromised. For the first time since I could actually hold Dumbbells and Bar Weights without pain or stress on my arm. I also noticed I was not having pain on my injury sites post workout.
Day 27: Had a Date.. STAMINA was LIT, just like the old days .
DAY 31: RAN OUT OF GEL - I'm [mad]! LOL
Day 33: Blood Pressure 152 / 90
Going in a week for Blood Pressure Check again! And by the way.. I dream every night since and I wake up refreshed and ready for the day every morning!!!

For more information go to www.newulife.com/eiklor or email me at eikloressence@gmail.com.

Friday, July 27, 2018

NEW SERIES: Intro To Davidic Dance -- The History of the Dance

I am super excited about this new series because dance happens to be one of my passions. Watch this short video that explains the History of Davidic dance and why we use it in worship to our God:


  1. Davidic dance is inspired by King David (2 Samuel 6:12-15)
  2. Traditionally danced in a circle, but can also be danced in a line.
  3. Used to worship God with the gift of dance as the perfect expression of joy before Him (Deut. 16:15-17).
  4. How can you be joyful before God? Remember the example of celebrating together with your family at a family reunion.
It's that simple folks. There is really nothing complicated about Davidic dance. And one of my favorite aspects of this form of worship is that it can be so simple that young children can dance it with the older generations, but it can also be as complicated as you want to make it for those who are more advanced.

So be sure to stay tuned because I will be breaking this wonderful dance down for all of you so you can easily learn it on your own. SHALOM my friends. We love you guys!

Don't forge to come visit us as Congregation T'shuvat Yisrael (www.Yeshuati.com). If you have anything else you would like to say about this dance please comment below!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Testimony about Laura's mother

This is my cousins wife Laura’s mother. Laura Jordan joined our NUL team May 16th and has been sharing a bottle with her mother and husband. Lauras mother started taking the gel June 2nd and in 3 weeks time amazing things started to happen for her. I’d like to add that her mom also has dementia. 
Let me tell you about how the gel has changed her life in such a short amount of time.
Before the gel she was sedentary, didn’t have interest in doing anything. She would just sit at the kitchen table. Her hair and skin were dry and brittle. She had no energy, no oomph. She was unstable on her feet and weak. Her mood was somber. She had pain in her legs and back and of course brain fog and memory was very poor. I am happy to say that those days are over. Laura, her daughter would ask her,”how is your mind feel mom?” She would reply “tengo claridad “, which means “I have clarity “. Her pain in her legs and back is gone! Her hair and skin has dramatically improved! She is happier and has more energy and helping around the house! She has gained muscle in her legs and is no longer unstable! Her pace has picked up! She asks her daughter everyday when is she going to get her next dose of gel! She remembers to ask for it!!!! This is huge!!!
I am asking for your help. My cousin is almost to the very end of the bottle. Her husband gave up using a week ago so his mother in law could keep getting. Laura has been significantly using less to keep her pain away. They desperately need a bottle!!! If anyone can spare a bottle please get in touch w her.
I just lost my mother to dementia. My mother was way to far gone for the gel to help her. I joined this company and amazing group of people because I did not want to succumb to this most dreaded disease. I just wish I could have had this bottle for my mom earlier. I know without a doubt that my mom would still be alive today and with a great quality of life.
Please can you help?
Just look at these pictures. It’s truly amazing what this gel can do for people.

For more information about the gel go to www.newulife.com/eiklor or email us at eikloressence@gmail.com.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wendy's Testimony about the HGH Gel

March 29th
WOW! Who wakes up at 4:30am and cleans the house for two hours before work?!? ME...Feeling Amazing! Great sleep and more energy! My kids are going to wake up and think I lost my mind 

April 4th

Day 11 for me and it’s crazy, but I woke up overnight with softer skin!
Of all these benefits listed below, I’ve already experienced #1, #2, #3, #11, #13, and #14
I’ve been out of commission with a lower back injury and not been able to exercise for about six weeks. Went to the doctor and got a Cortisone shot, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers. I worked out last Monday for the first time... I felt strong, and found myself skipping around the basketball court (ME...Age 53 😳), with NO backpain whatsoever!
I feel like I’m back on track and ready to ROCK!
So far, so amazing! I typically do not dream ever, nor have a difficult time sleeping. I have found my sleep is so much deeper! After the very FIRST application, I slept through my alarm the next morning!
I’ve also had the most vivid dreams!
Sunday night I dozed off and was dreaming of my 14-year-old driving me on a girl’s road trip in the mountains. When I woke up, I was truly disappointed we were not on our way!
A lot of people have heard about HGH, but ran when they saw the price tag, so it has been out of reach for a lot of people....until now!
This homeopathic version of HGH is not only priced so we can all afford it, it is the only FDA registered product of its kind, available without a prescription!
All I know is this product is fantastic!
I feel younger, and my energy is through the ROOF! This is going to be a ME kind of year and I look so forward to losing weight, and feeling my best!
OOHHH...and the business opportunity, best I’ve seen! I feel very good about myself sharing, this will make a lot of people feel a lot better!

Jun 20th:
Why am I still functioning today?
Four hours sleep, one hour Team CUT Bootcamp, 
9 1/2 hour workday, and my first two-a-day...going to work out for another hour! Must be the MAGIC GEL! 

For more information about the HGH gel go to www.newulife.com/eiklor or email me at eikloressence@gmail.com.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jim's Testimony about the HGH Gel

I'm a fairly average 65 year old man. Too big of a gut, restless sleep at night, waking up with some aches and pain. 1 month on the gel has produced more uninterrupted sleep, waking up refreshed with many less aches and pains. 
I've been wearing a knee brace for about 5 months due to arthritis from an athletic injury and surgery 20 years ago. 2 weeks ago I quit wearing the brace with no increased pain. I thought a knee replacement was a foregone conclusion.
On the 4th of July I walked 1 1/2 mile parade route in 93 degree heat with my church and food pantry I volunteer at. At the end of the parade very little knee pain. The biggest surprise was I woke up the next morning with NO PAIN!!!
My outlook on life is better and my mental awareness has improved.
I'm a believer; you draw your own conclusions.

Monday, July 23, 2018

HGH Testimony: "I am so thankful for this life-enhancing gel!!!"

Here's what Leon has to say about his Aunt: "My 83 year-old aunt has been in the bed for the past few days, not wanting to get up or do anything due to excruciating back pain, “sickish feeling”, and depression. She has needed a wheelchair just to go from the bed to the bathroom and back, and has not been eating.
I started her on the gel on Tuesday night (first dose of two blueberry-size pumps) and applied it to her twice on Wednesday (morning and night). Today (Thursday) she got out of the bed, used her walker to get around the room, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is sitting in her chair with a smile on her face. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and I am so very thankful for this life-enhancing gel!!!!!"

For more information on the Gel go to www.newulife.com/eiklor or contact me at eikloressence@gmail.com.

How We Organize Our Dirty Laundry

By the Misses

Having a large family means LOTS AND LOTS of laundry! For years all I did was have a few dirty laundry baskets and I'd simply sort it into clothing types (e.g. Jeans, Delicates, etc.) when I was ready to wash them. But as our family grew it became more and more of a burden to stick to this unorganized regime.

So, in order to keep the entire family on the same page and save me the effort of constant sorting, I made easy and economical labels and hung them above each laundry basket to show exactly where each clothing type went.

All I did was create the labels in picmonkey.com and printed them up:

Then I inserted them into some picture frames I got from the dollar store and hung them on command hooks so I don't put any holes in my walls.

And here is the finished product:

Ahhh. Don't you just love an organized bliss?

How do you organize your dirty laundry? Don't worry, this is the one place it is safe to air out your dirty laundry 😏. Comment below!

Friday, July 20, 2018

This Week's HGH Gel Testimonies

Brian's Testimony: "7 years ago today I had major ACL reconstructive surgery on my left knee. It was never “right”, always hurt, couldn’t run, walk far, snowboard, lift my legs, etc. 90 days on “the gel” and it’s feeling great, NO PAIN! I’m squatting again guys, and I never thought I’d be able to ever again...life-changing! Oh, and I’m getting my ass back too."

Todd's Testimony: "It's been six weeks exactly and I am really excited! It was week four that I could really tell I was waking up more refreshed than ever. My mental clarity seemed so much better come week four ! My fifth week I could visually see that I am leaning out and have not changed my diet or training routine at all except adding the Gel to my routine. The biggest thing I notice now is the pain in my right elbow has diminished greatly. Last year I blew my elbow out and needed to have it drained three times and have a series of cortisone shots. The pain and movement of the elbow is so much better. I'm excited to keep on with this Gel and can't wait until a few months to see how amazing I will look and feel ! Blessed! Thank You All !!"

What are you waiting for?? Get on the gel! For more info go to www.newulife.com/eiklor. For more testimonies visit my HGH facebook page.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Does The HGH Gel Cause Cancer or Have Side Effects?

By the Misses

So I get this question A LOT: "Does the HGH gel cause cancer or have side effects?"  Or I get some form of it that may or may not be a question such as, "I've read all kinds of horrible things about HGH," or "I've heard that HGH has all sorts of horrible side effects, one of them being cancer."


Here's where there is a lot of confusion over what you find on the web regarding HGH: WE ALL MAKE IT NATURALLY. When we are children our bodies make large quantities of HGH. It is what helps us grow, heal quickly (because as kids we hurt ourselves a lot and need quicker healing before we hurt ourselves again lol), have lots of energy, etc. As we age the production of HGH in our bodies goes down significantly, resulting in pain, fatigue, difficulty in losing weight, brain fog, and the list goes on.

If HGH were truly cancer causing, then we all already have cancer and we may as well stop avoiding anything we've been told is cancer causing because we already have it. We all know however there's no way that something our bodies already make naturally is what gives us cancer.


This product is brand spanking new AND it is in a completely different form than what was available previously. Prior to the gel, you could only get it in 2 ways:

  1. Through a prescription from a doctor in an injection that costs between $1500 and $2500 dollars a pop (and you had to keep going back to get more in order to maintain the level of HGH you wanted).
  2. In the form of a pill that doesn't absorb as well in the body therefor not giving you as much as your body needs.
The problem with these forms is that they are given to you in large doses and in ways that the body cannot fully use it properly. The large dosing is the reason for the cancer causing and bad side effects. Taking it internally also means your body will not be able to use it effectively and therefore it will end up in places you don't want it. I know this to be true because I myself am deficient in Magnesium. Everyone with a magnesium deficiency knows that taking Magnesium topically is FAR more beneficial (because you can feel the incredible difference) than taking it internally.


Not only do you take the gel topically just like I do my magnesium oil, but it is a HOMEOPATHIC blend that uses a MICROdose of HGH, unlike the shot or pills that uses a MACROdose. BIG DIFFERENCE! The Homeopathic blend stimulates your body to generate a little more HGH that it is already making on its own.

No need to take my word for it though. Here is a Q&A video of a naturopath doctor named Georgia Balsley who is very familiar with HGH and recommends the HGH Gel to ALL her clients:

For more information on the Gel go to www.newulife.com/eiklor

Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 Eiklor Garden Tour!

By the Misses

If you have known us personally for at least the last 3-5 years, then you know how much we looooove gardening! This is a relatively new love of ours though as we have only truly been gardening for about 3-5 years. And God has truly blessed us!


One of my favorite parts of the garden are our Raspberries:


They are lined up in the front and left perimeter lines of our yard, making it a living fence.  The story behind these guys is a pretty cool one: like I said at the beginning of this post, we LOVE to garden and we have made that pretty well known among our friends. Last year one of our dear friends told us they had another friend who is always giving raspberries away and was wondering if we would like to have some. WOULD WE EVER?! So we were given 16 plants that I promptly put into the ground. To my surprise that same year we got a few raspberries. DELISH!

You cannot even imagine how shocked I was to find our raspberries had exploded this year into the dense fence you see above!!!

We're very much into permaculture here and want to limit how much we have to plant each year. We do that by planting as many plants as we can that will grow back every year without us having to replant them (the technical term is perennials). Hence the reason I am so thrilled to have these raspberries!

Another exciting plant we just planted this year perfect for permaculture is the Kiwi Berry bush:

Being that it will take a couple years for it to grow to its maximum capacity, we knew we would have enough room this year to plant some cucumber next to it, taking advantage of the fence as a trellis for them. 

Also for the rest of our annuals we have Delicata squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash, kale, rainbow chard, and some jalepeno bushes:

The potatoes are another interesting story: I didn't plant any of these! About 2 years ago we had a homemade composting area right where you see the potatoes currently are (last picture above this text). Well, we decided to stop keeping our compost on the ground because of little critters we kept finding in it (freak out session for the misses), and what was the last thing we dumped in that pile before we stopped using it? You guessed it: potatoes. The spring of that year we had potato plants spring up. I discovered that the potatoes that I didn't harvest remained perfectly in tact all the way up until the spring of this year. This was a wonderful discovery as now I know I can leave the potatoes in the ground and pick them fresh all the way through the winter! Then the ones that were left in the ground will spring up the next year! NOW THAT'S EASY GARDENING!!!

Finally, here are some of the herbs we have as well: 



And that's it for this year. Hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned and I'll share with you my favorite tried and true gardening methods!

What's in your garden? Comment below!

Kenya Mission June 20-July 11 2018 Review

Well, Rabbi Bob and Brenda are back from their fabulous trip to Kenya and it was quite successful. The projects Rabbi started with the Kenyans the last time he was there have been completed.


The building where the chicks are being held.

The widows in Kenya were often forgotten and left to fend for themselves, most of them unable to get good paying jobs and having many mouths to feed. Knowing this and wanting to be a good example to the bishops Rabbi is now in charge of, he asked God how he could provide a steady flow of income for the widows. Before he landed in Kenya the last time he visited, God had already given him a plan to execute: create a chicken business.

And so he set about completing this task ordained by God. With only 50 chickens they opened for service and have grown their business to nearly 1000 chickens in less than a year! The widows all across Kenya have been buzzing about what God has done for them.


The truck that is drilling the well.

It is quite clear that God wants to bless the Kenyans as He has inspired us to create a second business: a well that will provide fresh water for them. If you don't already know, fresh water is very much lacking in Kenya. What they do is dig large ditches to catch their water when it rains. Over time, as the water sits in these ditches it becomes stale, making it necessary for them to boil their water to purify it. With this water project done, many Kenyans can enjoy fresh water all the time. The well is so productive it produces over 20,000 gallons a day! That's twice the amount of the other wells there (of which there aren't nearly enough)


Thanks for joining us on our congregation's journey in Kenya.  Here is a video you can enjoy of all the moments caught on camera in there:

Go to yeshuati.com to get more info about our congregation. While you're at it, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Week's HGH Gel Testimonies

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the first testimony!!! This gel is so phenomenal it is helping people overcome many problems their bodies have. Check out what Teddie says about it:

"I originally started the gel for internal wellness with a slow repairing 3 degree open infected wound.
As a Holistic BadaxxMama with skin problems, 3 Autoimmune issues, and a past Vaxination reaction, I was cautious to say the least about a NEW product!
I am very sensitive to many products. The reaction to the medicine for the burn was awful. I put 2 pea size drops of the gel and within 24 hours it was healing amazing!!!
In the last few weeks;
'm sleeping well
🚀Wake with amazing energy
💪Back in the gym after 8 months of no energy
Have lost 6.8 pounds after an 8 month plateau
I'm shrinking!!!😜
My mental clarity is amazing
💧My skin is soft
👀And a bad nail bitting habit is gone
🍩Zero sugar cravings!!!
Oh man, does it work? YES, YES, YES!!!  #getmegel
#gelresults #youwantthis

And this is what Stephanie has to say about her hair:

"My hair growth is crazy! I have always had the thickest hair and sometimes I said it was too thick. Over the last 2-3 years my hair has thinned dramatically. I’m sure if it was because of aging, medications that I was taking, the multiple surgeries I had or a combination of it all. I like to think the latter one 😂 I started my Gel at the very end of March and the new growth is insane. Not sure you can tell by the pictures but it has thickened a lot since using the gel. The ends are still thin because the new hair is only midway down so far. I’m so happy to say that my hair is getting thicker and growing like a weed all because of the Gel!!" ❤️

This Human Growth Hormone Gel is the only FDA registered, transdermal, homeopathic product on the market and the testimonies speak for itself. Don't wait anymore, get this gel! Go to www.newulife.com/eiklor for more info.

If you aren't convinced yet, not a problem! Like my Naturalistic Andti-aging HGH Gel facebook page where I post testimonials from people using this stuff every day. You'll be begging me for this stuff in less than a month!

Stay tuned for our own testimonies: COMING SOON!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Living With Hyperthyroidism Part 2: The Symptoms Return with A vengeance

Read my last post about living with hyperthyroidism if you haven't already.

Last week I described to you all the long list of symptoms I had that built one at a time. This week I will explain the events that took place leading to my final diagnosis.


After all my horrible symptoms virtually disappeared minus the bulge on my neck, it really changed my view of life. I came to appreciate it so much more than I had before and even though I thought 2 kids were enough for me, I began yearning for another baby. My Mister of course was thrilled as he loved growing up in a family of 5 and always wanted at least 3 kiddos. So I became pregnant with our third blessing.

My pregnancy was a very good one with no real symptoms other than the regular morning sickness.  9 months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the comfort of my own home (home birth is definitely the way to go! But that's a post for another time ;) ).

3 years later, for no apparent reason, ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS RETURNED!!! But this time, I had a new really scary symptom: heart palpitations and extreme diziness. As if my heart had a mind of its own, it would suddenly beat irregularly or so hard it felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest.

This time however, to my surprise, the new Primary Care doctor I went to see found that my thyroid numbers were off. So she sent me to see an Endocrinologist right away. The endocrinologist immediately ran his own tests and also found that my numbers were showing hyperthyroidism. So he sent me to get a thyroid uptake scan in which I had to take a radioactive pill (that was scary) and then get some images taken of my thyroid using a special machine.

Diagnosis: Hyperthyroidism caused by nodules in the thyroid.


If you don't know what a thyroidectomy is, it is a surgical procedure in which they completely remove the thyroid. By doing so I will have to be on thyroid replacement medications for the rest of my life. There are those that can get away with removing only half of their thyroid, but my doctor explained to me that it is best to remove all of mine since I have what they call "hot" nodules (growths) that disrupt the production of hormones in the thyroid causing hyperthyroidism.

I was DEVASTATED to get this news. So much so that I broke out into tears right in front of the doctor. Thankfully I have a very patient and caring doctor who gently reassured me that all will be ok if I do the procedure, and that he is not pressuring me to do it if I don't want to. He said that I could simply try taking thyroid balancing medications instead for a while and see if it helps my lab numbers. I was so relieved!


So the diagnosis I finally received was about 3 months ago. I have since gotten much better, but I still have some pretty bad days. I have done a great deal of experimentation and have found that I feel terrible when I eat sugar and refined flours, but feel quite good when I get plenty of veggies, lots of protein, minimal fruit, and whole food carbs (i.e. rice, wheat berries, and quinoa).

So far I have not gotten a thyroidectomy and I pray to God I never have to. I am on a very low dose of thyroid medicine and feeling better every day.

Do you or someone you know also suffer from Hyperthyroidism or Graves disease? It would be really nice to hear from you as it can feel very lonely suffering from such a horrible disease. Leave a comment below!

Friday, July 6, 2018

FDA Registered Human Growth Hormone Gel TESTIMONIES

If you don't know what Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is, here's what Wikipedia says:

"Growth hormone, also known as somatotropin, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans and other animals. It is thus important in human development." 

We all have HGH, but by the time we reach the age of 39, our bodies begin declining in the production of it, leaving us lethargic, weak, less able to recover from workouts, we lose our hair, and our eyebrows and eyelashes begin to thin out. 

For the longest time, the only way we could get any HGH back into our bodies was by prescription only through a shot that costed between $1000 and $2000 dollars every time you got it. This meant that only the rich and famous could afford to get it. But not anymore!


Here is Stephen's testimony:

"I am an AIRBORNE Paratrooper in the US Army for 18+ years. I have put my body through quite a beating in that time. I suffered an injury to my left ankle back in April 2017 during an Airborne operation. I went to physical therapy for months with no real luck. I have been unable to run or jump in that time. I was introduced to HGH Gel about a month ago and I'm feeling like a new person. I have signed up for the May 19th Tough Mudder in Philadelphia and I'm excited to get out there. I admit I was skeptical about this product, but now there is no way I will go without it. I have signed on as a distributor so I can be a part of something bigger and take part in changing people's lives. Thank you New U Life HGH Gel!!"

And this is Jacinda's testimony:

"I dont know if you can see this as much as i can but i was losing my eye lashes and i felt like my hair was getting thinner since my hysterectomy (two years ago next week).... anyway look at this! I started the gel May 19th and the last picture is today. I have changed NOTHING else. With everything else this is just icing."

What she told me when I asked her permission to share her testimony is that she wasn't even using the recommended dose because she was sharing it with her father and didn't want to run out. That's pretty impressive!!!

The company who created the product is only in pre-launch mode and has already been selling out because thousands of people want it and are signing up to sell it themselves. This is gonna be HUGE!

If you would like to buy the product and/or want to become a distributor then go to newulife.com/eiklor
If you would like more info without signing up you can always email us at eikloressence@gmail.com

Remember me? Here's what's going on in our lives today...

Shalom everyone! I am sure you're all wondering what the heck happened to us. For starters, our lives literally flipped up-side down at ...