Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 Eiklor Garden Tour!

By the Misses

If you have known us personally for at least the last 3-5 years, then you know how much we looooove gardening! This is a relatively new love of ours though as we have only truly been gardening for about 3-5 years. And God has truly blessed us!


One of my favorite parts of the garden are our Raspberries:


They are lined up in the front and left perimeter lines of our yard, making it a living fence.  The story behind these guys is a pretty cool one: like I said at the beginning of this post, we LOVE to garden and we have made that pretty well known among our friends. Last year one of our dear friends told us they had another friend who is always giving raspberries away and was wondering if we would like to have some. WOULD WE EVER?! So we were given 16 plants that I promptly put into the ground. To my surprise that same year we got a few raspberries. DELISH!

You cannot even imagine how shocked I was to find our raspberries had exploded this year into the dense fence you see above!!!

We're very much into permaculture here and want to limit how much we have to plant each year. We do that by planting as many plants as we can that will grow back every year without us having to replant them (the technical term is perennials). Hence the reason I am so thrilled to have these raspberries!

Another exciting plant we just planted this year perfect for permaculture is the Kiwi Berry bush:

Being that it will take a couple years for it to grow to its maximum capacity, we knew we would have enough room this year to plant some cucumber next to it, taking advantage of the fence as a trellis for them. 

Also for the rest of our annuals we have Delicata squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash, kale, rainbow chard, and some jalepeno bushes:

The potatoes are another interesting story: I didn't plant any of these! About 2 years ago we had a homemade composting area right where you see the potatoes currently are (last picture above this text). Well, we decided to stop keeping our compost on the ground because of little critters we kept finding in it (freak out session for the misses), and what was the last thing we dumped in that pile before we stopped using it? You guessed it: potatoes. The spring of that year we had potato plants spring up. I discovered that the potatoes that I didn't harvest remained perfectly in tact all the way up until the spring of this year. This was a wonderful discovery as now I know I can leave the potatoes in the ground and pick them fresh all the way through the winter! Then the ones that were left in the ground will spring up the next year! NOW THAT'S EASY GARDENING!!!

Finally, here are some of the herbs we have as well: 



And that's it for this year. Hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned and I'll share with you my favorite tried and true gardening methods!

What's in your garden? Comment below!

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