Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Does The HGH Gel Cause Cancer or Have Side Effects?

By the Misses

So I get this question A LOT: "Does the HGH gel cause cancer or have side effects?"  Or I get some form of it that may or may not be a question such as, "I've read all kinds of horrible things about HGH," or "I've heard that HGH has all sorts of horrible side effects, one of them being cancer."


Here's where there is a lot of confusion over what you find on the web regarding HGH: WE ALL MAKE IT NATURALLY. When we are children our bodies make large quantities of HGH. It is what helps us grow, heal quickly (because as kids we hurt ourselves a lot and need quicker healing before we hurt ourselves again lol), have lots of energy, etc. As we age the production of HGH in our bodies goes down significantly, resulting in pain, fatigue, difficulty in losing weight, brain fog, and the list goes on.

If HGH were truly cancer causing, then we all already have cancer and we may as well stop avoiding anything we've been told is cancer causing because we already have it. We all know however there's no way that something our bodies already make naturally is what gives us cancer.


This product is brand spanking new AND it is in a completely different form than what was available previously. Prior to the gel, you could only get it in 2 ways:

  1. Through a prescription from a doctor in an injection that costs between $1500 and $2500 dollars a pop (and you had to keep going back to get more in order to maintain the level of HGH you wanted).
  2. In the form of a pill that doesn't absorb as well in the body therefor not giving you as much as your body needs.
The problem with these forms is that they are given to you in large doses and in ways that the body cannot fully use it properly. The large dosing is the reason for the cancer causing and bad side effects. Taking it internally also means your body will not be able to use it effectively and therefore it will end up in places you don't want it. I know this to be true because I myself am deficient in Magnesium. Everyone with a magnesium deficiency knows that taking Magnesium topically is FAR more beneficial (because you can feel the incredible difference) than taking it internally.


Not only do you take the gel topically just like I do my magnesium oil, but it is a HOMEOPATHIC blend that uses a MICROdose of HGH, unlike the shot or pills that uses a MACROdose. BIG DIFFERENCE! The Homeopathic blend stimulates your body to generate a little more HGH that it is already making on its own.

No need to take my word for it though. Here is a Q&A video of a naturopath doctor named Georgia Balsley who is very familiar with HGH and recommends the HGH Gel to ALL her clients:

For more information on the Gel go to www.newulife.com/eiklor

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