Monday, July 23, 2018

How We Organize Our Dirty Laundry

By the Misses

Having a large family means LOTS AND LOTS of laundry! For years all I did was have a few dirty laundry baskets and I'd simply sort it into clothing types (e.g. Jeans, Delicates, etc.) when I was ready to wash them. But as our family grew it became more and more of a burden to stick to this unorganized regime.

So, in order to keep the entire family on the same page and save me the effort of constant sorting, I made easy and economical labels and hung them above each laundry basket to show exactly where each clothing type went.

All I did was create the labels in and printed them up:

Then I inserted them into some picture frames I got from the dollar store and hung them on command hooks so I don't put any holes in my walls.

And here is the finished product:

Ahhh. Don't you just love an organized bliss?

How do you organize your dirty laundry? Don't worry, this is the one place it is safe to air out your dirty laundry 😏. Comment below!

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