Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jerel's Testimony of the Gel

Note: This testimony has been altered in order to make it G rated for this site. To see the full story, email me at eikloressence@gmail.com.

BACKGROUND: Okay, I'm 50, 6'0 Tall, 280 LBS when I started the Gel. Have injuries from lower back, broken bones, car accidents, fell down a mountain while climbing in my 20's, Various Sports and Military injuries while from 16-23yrs. Fractured Ankle, Torn Bicep and Tendon in my Right Arm 2012, Very High Cholesterol (over 300), and My blood Pressure in Dec 2017 was 171/114. I was in bad shape. To add I was going through a divorce which finalized in 2013 and was dealing with Depression from the ordeal since 2012 and probably some prior.
So I've been using the Gel since Mid March. I enrolled in Early February but didn't begin because I was getting over being sick. I wanted to establish a "Normal" before starting. After a week being recovered from the Flu I felt myself again so I started the Gel.
DAYS 3-4: I noticed I had my first Dream, made a mental note. Why? I hardly ever dream.
DAY 5: I noticed that my morning wake up routine had modified. How? I woke up wide awake, not like a Water Buffalo. I stood straight up and went to the bathroom, unlike before which was OLD Man Stiff hobbling to the potty. I stood up straight (without the forward lean) and realized at the Toilet I was not in pain and didn't have to rush to get there.
DAY 8-9: My Mental Clarity was noticeable, I didn't feel like I needed a mid-day nap, coffee, energy drink or bar.
DAY 14: My energy was clearly leveling out for the full day. 5AM Wake up 10PM Bedtime - Consistent energy throughout the day. Decisions were easier, Getting up and out to "GET [THINGS] DONE" started again for me.
DAY 17/18: Decided to Weigh myself - Down 11lbs WT[H], I hadn't worked out or anything for these days. so I decided to re-acclimate to the gym again.
Day 21: I noticed my joints were having a better range of motion, the pain in my wrist, bicep and shoulder from the surgery was not present, my lower back had not caused me any problems all month and I was able to grip better. After my Arm surgery my right grip was compromised. For the first time since I could actually hold Dumbbells and Bar Weights without pain or stress on my arm. I also noticed I was not having pain on my injury sites post workout.
Day 27: Had a Date.. STAMINA was LIT, just like the old days .
DAY 31: RAN OUT OF GEL - I'm [mad]! LOL
Day 33: Blood Pressure 152 / 90
Going in a week for Blood Pressure Check again! And by the way.. I dream every night since and I wake up refreshed and ready for the day every morning!!!

For more information go to www.newulife.com/eiklor or email me at eikloressence@gmail.com.

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