Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jim's Testimony about the HGH Gel

I'm a fairly average 65 year old man. Too big of a gut, restless sleep at night, waking up with some aches and pain. 1 month on the gel has produced more uninterrupted sleep, waking up refreshed with many less aches and pains. 
I've been wearing a knee brace for about 5 months due to arthritis from an athletic injury and surgery 20 years ago. 2 weeks ago I quit wearing the brace with no increased pain. I thought a knee replacement was a foregone conclusion.
On the 4th of July I walked 1 1/2 mile parade route in 93 degree heat with my church and food pantry I volunteer at. At the end of the parade very little knee pain. The biggest surprise was I woke up the next morning with NO PAIN!!!
My outlook on life is better and my mental awareness has improved.
I'm a believer; you draw your own conclusions.

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