Monday, July 16, 2018

Kenya Mission June 20-July 11 2018 Review

Well, Rabbi Bob and Brenda are back from their fabulous trip to Kenya and it was quite successful. The projects Rabbi started with the Kenyans the last time he was there have been completed.


The building where the chicks are being held.

The widows in Kenya were often forgotten and left to fend for themselves, most of them unable to get good paying jobs and having many mouths to feed. Knowing this and wanting to be a good example to the bishops Rabbi is now in charge of, he asked God how he could provide a steady flow of income for the widows. Before he landed in Kenya the last time he visited, God had already given him a plan to execute: create a chicken business.

And so he set about completing this task ordained by God. With only 50 chickens they opened for service and have grown their business to nearly 1000 chickens in less than a year! The widows all across Kenya have been buzzing about what God has done for them.


The truck that is drilling the well.

It is quite clear that God wants to bless the Kenyans as He has inspired us to create a second business: a well that will provide fresh water for them. If you don't already know, fresh water is very much lacking in Kenya. What they do is dig large ditches to catch their water when it rains. Over time, as the water sits in these ditches it becomes stale, making it necessary for them to boil their water to purify it. With this water project done, many Kenyans can enjoy fresh water all the time. The well is so productive it produces over 20,000 gallons a day! That's twice the amount of the other wells there (of which there aren't nearly enough)


Thanks for joining us on our congregation's journey in Kenya.  Here is a video you can enjoy of all the moments caught on camera in there:

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