Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Living With Hyperthyroidism Part 1: How It all Started

If you have already read my About Me Page, you're probably wondering what happened to me that caused me to shut down a vibrant blog I loved. Well, as per the title of this post, I started having symptoms of Hyperthyroidism. But you'll be surprised to find out I wasn't diagnosed until almost 10 years after I started showing the very first signs of this horrible illness.


So lets rewind to when I first started having symptoms. About a month after my daughter was born (she is my oldest child), I happened to be scratching my neck when I felt a small bulge on the right side of my throat. I asked my husband if he could feel it and he said no, so I just assumed it was nothing. Around the same time I also noticed that I felt kind of jittery most of the time and that it seemed very easy for me to become stressed out, but since I had a newborn I just assumed it was nothing more than the "New Mom" stress.

About a year later I started to notice that I was really getting tired on a regular basis for seemingly no reason. This was not the normal "afternoon crash," this was a fatigue that never left me. When I became pregnant with my second baby I knew something was very wrong with me as I could barely put one foot in front of the other without feeling like I had concrete strapped to my feet. I brought it up to my OBGYN, but every test they took came back negative, so I just continued to lived with it.

After I had my son I started to have some muscle weakness and I seemed to be hungry ALL. THE. TIME! I was eating up to 6 times a day and still feeling hungry in between meals. If I refused to eat I began to get blurry vision and feel very weak.  When I saw a doctor they just said, "That's all normal for someone who has a little baby and is nursing." I was beginning to hate the word "normal" at this point.

Years later, having lived with all these symptoms for so long, when my second child was about 5 years old, I took a turn for the worst. I suddenly started having severe panic attacks, to the point where I couldn't interact with my kids because their excitement alone would send me into a full fledged attack. Once again, the doctors told me everything with me was "normal," I was just dealing with too much stress and depression, so they prescribed Zoloft.

Shortly after that when I was home alone with my kids I felt like I was going to faint, so I called 911. They told me I was fine and was probably having a panic attack. As they are telling me all of this my husband came home, so he took me to the hospital. Being that my blood pressure was so high and I was recently prescribed Zoloft, I was immediately rushed into the ER so they could be sure I wasn't having a bad reaction to the medication. And of course, the ER doctor told me the SAME thing everyone else had been telling me: "Everything is normal you are just having another panic attack."

UGH! The level of frustration I felt at this point is beyond describing. I knew something was wrong with me, but no one was really helping or listening


At this point our pastor, whom we lovingly call Rabbi (which simply means teacher in Hebrew), knew something was wrong with me. And although he has no training with the physical, he had a great deal of training having to do with the spiritual, so he helped me dig deep within my soul. He trained me in memorizing scripture and how to remind myself on a daily basis what the promises of God are as well as how to claim them for myself. This is when I began to have a breakthrough and slowly came out of the darkness that surrounded me like a cloak. The panic attacks stopped and my energy came back.

Unfortunately, however, the lump on my neck had grown to the point that even my husband could feel it, and was beginning to get in the way. I was sent for a biopsy that came back benign (thank God), and then again a year later. As usual, all the doctors said, "Everything is normal."


Stay tuned next week to find out how I finally found out I had Hyperthyroidism.

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