Friday, July 27, 2018

NEW SERIES: Intro To Davidic Dance -- The History of the Dance

I am super excited about this new series because dance happens to be one of my passions. Watch this short video that explains the History of Davidic dance and why we use it in worship to our God:


  1. Davidic dance is inspired by King David (2 Samuel 6:12-15)
  2. Traditionally danced in a circle, but can also be danced in a line.
  3. Used to worship God with the gift of dance as the perfect expression of joy before Him (Deut. 16:15-17).
  4. How can you be joyful before God? Remember the example of celebrating together with your family at a family reunion.
It's that simple folks. There is really nothing complicated about Davidic dance. And one of my favorite aspects of this form of worship is that it can be so simple that young children can dance it with the older generations, but it can also be as complicated as you want to make it for those who are more advanced.

So be sure to stay tuned because I will be breaking this wonderful dance down for all of you so you can easily learn it on your own. SHALOM my friends. We love you guys!

Don't forge to come visit us as Congregation T'shuvat Yisrael ( If you have anything else you would like to say about this dance please comment below!

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