Thursday, July 26, 2018

Testimony about Laura's mother

This is my cousins wife Laura’s mother. Laura Jordan joined our NUL team May 16th and has been sharing a bottle with her mother and husband. Lauras mother started taking the gel June 2nd and in 3 weeks time amazing things started to happen for her. I’d like to add that her mom also has dementia. 
Let me tell you about how the gel has changed her life in such a short amount of time.
Before the gel she was sedentary, didn’t have interest in doing anything. She would just sit at the kitchen table. Her hair and skin were dry and brittle. She had no energy, no oomph. She was unstable on her feet and weak. Her mood was somber. She had pain in her legs and back and of course brain fog and memory was very poor. I am happy to say that those days are over. Laura, her daughter would ask her,”how is your mind feel mom?” She would reply “tengo claridad “, which means “I have clarity “. Her pain in her legs and back is gone! Her hair and skin has dramatically improved! She is happier and has more energy and helping around the house! She has gained muscle in her legs and is no longer unstable! Her pace has picked up! She asks her daughter everyday when is she going to get her next dose of gel! She remembers to ask for it!!!! This is huge!!!
I am asking for your help. My cousin is almost to the very end of the bottle. Her husband gave up using a week ago so his mother in law could keep getting. Laura has been significantly using less to keep her pain away. They desperately need a bottle!!! If anyone can spare a bottle please get in touch w her.
I just lost my mother to dementia. My mother was way to far gone for the gel to help her. I joined this company and amazing group of people because I did not want to succumb to this most dreaded disease. I just wish I could have had this bottle for my mom earlier. I know without a doubt that my mom would still be alive today and with a great quality of life.
Please can you help?
Just look at these pictures. It’s truly amazing what this gel can do for people.

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