Friday, August 3, 2018

Intro To Davidic Dance Part 2: The Mayim Step

By the misses

So I finally figured out what my technical difficulties were while making this video which means I am only one day late from getting this post up. Happy dance! I added our little mistake to the bloopers at the end of the video and it is quite funny (if I may say so myself, ehem).

SO, the Mayim step is our first step to learn. Here is a description of the step before you observe the video:

While traveling to the left, your right leg will cross over the left, then you will open your left foot to the left, and cross the right foot behind your leg, and open again with the left foot (don't forget that every step you take will be traveling to the left).

While traveling to the right you will do the exact opposite of the left: cross over the right leg with the left, open with the right foot, and cross the left food behind your leg, and open again with the right foot (every step you take here will be traveling to the right).

Now here is the video to help you visually understand how this step works:

Up next will be the Yemenite step so stay tuned!

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