Thursday, August 16, 2018

Intro to Davidic Dance Part 4: The Coupe Step

By the Misses

Last week I showed you step by step how to do the Yemenite Step. This week we will be going over the Coupe step. Here is a description of the step before you watch the video:

Starting with your feet together, turn to face your left at a 45 degree angle for a left coupe, crossing your right over the left, lifting the left leg slightly off the floor behind your right leg, bending with the right, then bringing the left foot back down to the ground and bringing your right foot back together to join the left. Repeat the opposite steps on the right side.

It is a lot easier to understand when you can visually see the steps broken down, so check out the video:

Stay tuned next week when I will teach you the Tcherkessia Step.

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