Thursday, August 23, 2018

Intro To Davidic Dance Part 5: The Tcherkessia Step

By The Misses

Last week I showed you step-by-step how to do the Coupe Step. This week we'll be working on one of my favorite steps: the Tcherkessia. Check out the description of the step bellow before you move on to watch the video:

Starting with your feet together, to do a right Tcherkessia you will step forward with the right foot, rock back on to the left (remember that the left foot stays in the same place), step back on the right foot, and then bring the feet together. Repeat on the opposite side starting with the left foot. This is a 4 count step.

Now watch the video:

I offer these dance instructionals for free, but if you would like to donate to us for my services then please click here.  Next week we'll be covering the waltz step so be sure to tune in for that. 

How am I doing? Are my videos clear and concise enough? Do I break the steps down enough for you to understand how to do them? Please leave me feedback in the comments!

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