Tuesday, November 19, 2019

How I keep my kids from getting High Fevers WITHOUT using over the counter meds

For many years like everyone else in this country I used over the counter meds for everything. When my eyes became open to the toxicity of these medications I was desperate to find a way to keep my kids from getting high fevers while they were sick...and I tried EVERYTHING! Many said the best medicine is prevention, which I do agree with. However, no matter how hard I worked to prevent them from getting sick they still had at least one or 2 colds every year.

Over and over I ran to the store trying every "natural" remedy I could find that I didn't know how to make myself only to have to run back to the store to get tylenol and motrin because it didn't work. I also tried making juices, smoothies with real Aloe leaf in it, herbal pops, sovereign silver, etc etc etc. All of these homemade remedies were great in decreasing the length of my kids cold or flus, but I could never find something that would keep them from having fevers going up to 104 degrees or higher.


Frustrated I cried out to Abba asking Him to please direct me to a good solution (why I didn't do this sooner is beyond me lol). Then I happened to express my frustration to my bestie who is very knowledgeable in homemade remedies and she told me exactly what she does that has been working for her for years now.

The truth is, there isn't just ONE remedy that will help, but SEVERAL. 3 in particular. They are a strong kind of colloidal silver which she makes herself using a kit, a foot rub using a special blend of infused oils and essential oils, and...drum roll please...inserting onions into their socks.

Yes you read that correctly. I know it sounds CRAZY, like you are trying to protect them from vampires or something. BUT IT TOTALLY WORKS! I myself have tried it on both of my boys and not only have they maintained a low fever, never getting above 102, but they also are full of life and vigor and can keep functioning in daily life (albeit, a little slower than usual). They also get a full night's sleep rather than waking up regularly in the middle of the night due to discomfort.

This is the very first time this has ever happened in all my years of parenting. AND, this is the first year EVER we haven't all gotten sick at least once right at the change of the season. Myself, the Mister, and our daughter have yet to get sick. When one of us would get sick we'd all get sick. Not so this time. We are an extremely social family, seeing and visiting people daily and almost all of them have already dealt with a cold or flu in their families 2 or 3 times already. This was us also for years...except this one!

For those of you who are visual, here is a live video I made detailing everything above:

Try this out yourselves. What have you got to lose???

In case you missed it above, here is the link to my recipe for making the cold and flu foot-rub.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

RECIPE: Our Pain Healing & Relieving Cream

Sooooo, as you all know by now, I recently discovered this divine process called Oil Infusions. What they do is extract the rich health benefits of the herbs you use in them so that the oils turn into wonderful healing potential. Since then I have become completely ADDICTED to creating my own healing balms, ointments, and creams.

And that's how this divine concoction was born. I watched the Mister suffer for years since his shoulder went kaput from an injury he got in a car accident about 16 years ago. Without writing an entire novel for you to read, here's the live video I created for my facebook people to describe our journey with the Mister's pain:

Sidenote: I often post my herbal journeys and experiments on our facebook profile long before it hits this website. If you'd like to get the most up to date stuff about us and the things we make, then follow us on facebook!

Be sure to watch the video because it describes how we have used EVERYTHING to help Travis overcome the pain he had non stop in his shoulder before using this cream. Then how I was able to come up with this phenomenal recipe that literally lasts at least 8 hours, and now he has full range of motion in his shoulder, which he hasn't had since like 8 years ago!!! I mean I seriously am shocked with this stuff, and I'm the one who made it!!! I consider it to be an absolute miracle!

If you don't want to make it yourself and spend the large amounts of cash to get started then I am happy to announce that I am selling it for $45 dollars per 2oz. So far the mister hasn't even gotten through a quarter of his, so it should last you for a decent amount of time!

Check out some of my happy customers!

If you are brave and up for the challenge, here is the recipe!

Ultimate Homemade Pain Relieving Cream Click here to print


specific directions).



1. In a liquid measuring cup, add only your oils and mix. 
If you are using an instant pot, Insert your liner with your trivet, add about 3 cups of
water to bottom of pot (or until the water touches the trivet), and turn it on to saute. If
you are using a double boiler, add water to the bottom pot and bring to a boil adding
second pot to the top. 
2. Measure your Bees wax pellets into your glass mixing bowl using your food scale and
then add to your instant pot or top pot of double boiler to melt, mixing bowl and ALL.
This will make it much easier to pour into your ice cube trays.
3. Once your bees wax is melted add your oil infusions and allow to melt all the way through
again (you’ll see the oil harden the wax as soon as you add it because it will be colder
than the wax). This process could take up to 10 minutes, but stay with it, mixing all the
while it is melting (don’t wait any longer than as soon as it is all the way melted or you
run the risk of heating the oils too much which will make it less potent and possibly go
rancid faster). 
4. As soon as it is done, slowly pour your Pain relieving herbal infusion into glass mixing
bowl while you whip it using a whisk or Electric Mixer. What I like to do is add about a
¼ cup at a time and whisk until thoroughly blended, and then repeat this process until
all of the herbal infusion is mixed in. 
5. Add your essential oils and Vitamin E oil and whisk again until well blended.
6. Add to your tin or cobalt blue containers to keep fresh for the maximum amount of time.
Let stand for at least 30 minutes or until hardened all the way through before using.


Use your fingers to remove about half a TBSP at a time and apply to sore parts of your body,
working the cream in until it has soaked all the way into your skin.

If you make this, please let us know what you think of it in the comments below. We relish your feedback!

FINALLY! You Can Now Get My Popular Lavender-Lemon Sanitizing Lotion Recipe

MY WORD!!! It took me WAY too long to get a recipe made for this phenomenal lotion (which our entire family uses btw!). I am so happy to say that I have finally gotten a recipe made though, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with all of you wonderful people!

The very first thing you will need to know how to do is infuse herbs in oils. So head on over to this post to learn that process.

I'm gonna let ya'll in on a little secret, however: you don't have to use an oil infusion. I started off with using just regular avocado oil in this recipe and still loooooved it. But using a rose petal or rose hips oil infusion really ups the game on this stuff because rose moisturizes and causes your skin to glow! It is well worth the wait! But if you are new to infusions then you can simply start your infusion, but also make yourself this recipe using regular avocado oil while you are waiting for your infusion to finish (it takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks for an herbal oil infusion to be ready).

The recipe makes enough to put a 16oz bottle of it in 2 bathrooms (since most people have 2 bathrooms in their homes). If you only want 1 then all you need to do is cut it in half. You ONLY need an amount smaller than the size of a dime every time you use it.

Don't wanna take the time to buy all the supplies or make it yourself? No problem! Buy from me and I'll send you some! Here's where you can order it.

Now here is the recipe!

Lavender-Lemon Sanitizing Lotion


  • 1 c. Rosehips or rosebud infused Avocado Oil (waaaaay cheaper to buy the oil from
Costco if you are a member. Here’s how to make the infusion.)


ingredients from going bad too fast).


1. Add all ingredients to mixing bowl and whisk hard for at least 30 seconds. Let sit for
another 30 seconds. If the oil begins to pool and the mixture continues to look like liquid,
then whisk for 30 more seconds. Repeat this for however many times (usually takes me
3 - 5 times) until mixture has the consistency of lotion and is mixed all the way through.
Add lotion to your soap dispenser and you’re done
2. If you are a visual person like me and would like to see how I put the whole thing together,
then watch the live video I made for it:

Monday, October 28, 2019

A Parent's Guide To Unity and Harmony in the Home FREE Ebook

I gotta be honest...I had a reeeeeaaaaallyyyyy hard time sharing this ebook with the world. I actually wrote it over a year ago, but because of fear of scrutiny and that it may not really help anyone like I so desire it to, I have kept it hidden. As time has gone on, however, Elohim has become frustrated with me. The real kicker is when He told me that I am burying a talent He has given me and preventing His children from receiving something that could really help them. OUCH!

So after getting a swift kick in the tush from my Heavenly Father I am finally stepping out in faith and sharing this ebook with the world.


The long and short of it is that I have struggled tremendously with parenting and family life. Like most other Americans, I was trained to get a good job and provide for my family financially (and knowing how to provide for the family is very important), but wasn't really shown how to successfully run a family in the more important areas like parenting, being a Godly wife, prioritizing things the proper way, and avoiding extremes. It took me years to finally get to a point where I felt like my family was running successfully, I was connecting with my husband on a deep and unifying level that caused the children to feel secure, and I was connecting with my children instead of pushing them away for lack of knowledge regarding how to raise them correctly.

As a result of achieving this peace in myself that I can be, AND AM a good wife and mother, having come from a difficult past where I made a lot of bad choices, hurting my family in the process, this growing desire to share what I have learned with my brethren took root within me. When it was fully grown I finally began writing. It is interesting how God schools us so much differently than the world does, because when I began writing I suddenly went through a journey to go even deeper in myself and work out some things in my family that still weren't doing well. You'll find that when you teach for God you actually grow and learn a lot more than when you simply learn from someone else.


Considering we live in a society that only teaches us how to be employees and has ignored the more important things in life such as parenting, my guess is that the vast majority of people visiting this website will be able to get some use out of this book. However, we are all so unique so here is a list of questions to ask yourselves before subscribing in order to receive the book:

  1. Do you feel disconnected from your spouse or children (or both) and don't know how to connect with them on an intimate level?
  2. Do you feel overwhelmed and discouraged at every turn no matter how hard you try?
  3. Do you feel disconnected from yourself, wishing you could make more time to care for your own needs?
  4. Are you confused about the order God has regarding priorities in your family? For example should you be loving yourself last and everyone first?
If you answered yes to any of these then this ebook is definitely for you. I wrote it in hopes that whoever reads it will be able to learn from my greatest mistakes and not do the same thing, but hopefully learn to be even more successful than I have been.


Now all you gotta do is get the ebook, and it is a very simple process. Simply add your email to the subscription box below and you will automatically receive our FREE ebook. Be sure to check every single inbox you have including your promotions and social (if you have gmail), spam, and trash boxes as our emails often are automatically sent to those inboxes. To be on the safest side add our email address to your contacts so our emails will always go directly to your inbox (eikloressence@gmail.com). Subscribe below!


If you got value out of this ebook and would like to help us out so we can continue to create free content of this nature, please do us a favor by donating to us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us provide for our family!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Why I Concentrate My Comfrey Infused Oil and How To Do It Yourself

If you don't already know how to infuse oils, jump over to my post explaining the whole process.

When you watch Natasha's video explaining how to infuse oils, you'll hear her say that only the flowery herbs need to be filled to the top of the jar, but the more dense herbs can simply cover the bottom of the jar and then you can fill the entire thing with oil and still get a great infusion.

Weeeeeeell, when I started I missed that part of her video lol! Being that I started with comfrey because that's what I had on hand, I filled that sucker to the rim and loaded it with oil. This turned out to be a GLORIOUS mistake! Not only do we get all the benefits of using it, but the fact that it soothes (and almost eliminates) pain is EXACTLY what I needed to help the mister.


If you don't already know, Travis was involved in a nasty car crash over 10 years ago while he was in the Marine Corps that shattered his left shoulder in 7 places. Unfortunately the military doctors didn't do a very good job at repairing his shoulder and several years later the cartage in it gave out, tearing between the shoulder and arm bones. He is pretty much in constant pain now, sometimes making him unable to perform simple tasks we all take for granted, like lifting a mug full of coffee so he can drink it (he can't live without coffee!!! Thank goodness for the other arm lol!!!).

We considered using stuff with THC in it, but the main problem with that is he has a CDL license and will lose it if they find any THC in his system. He used powerful drugs prescribed from the doctors for a while, but became horribly addicted to them and quit cold turkey when our son (only 3 at the time) gave us a major scare when we found him holding them in his little hands (thank GOD he didn't actually eat them!!!). So he refuses to go back to using prescription pain meds (understandable!).


After seeing him suffer for many years I turned to Abba, asking Him to give me wisdom and knowledge on how to help him. When my bestie Natasha showed me her comfrey infusions, I thought for sure I had my answer!!! I just couldn't wait to try these healing oils out!!!

When our infusion was finally done (it takes 6 weeks to be completely ready), I started experimenting like CRAZY.

Now let me stop right here and insert a disclaimer: herbs can be very powerful, and if you are not careful you could hurt yourself or even overdose. Be sure to educate yourself before begining, start off in small amounts (unlike what I did with the comfrey but thankfully we are all just fine and have been using it for quite a while now), and use at your own risk! I am NOT an herbalist or a doctor, so study first and even check with your doctor before continuing to be uber safe.

My most recent and successful recipe by far now is the "Ultimate Pain Relieving Cream" I created for the mister that has completely helped him out. Not only does it take away the pain, it lasts for long amounts of time. Sadly it doesn't completely heal him so he will keep having to use the cream, but the fact that it helps him so much is a major blessing to our family.

The first time he tried it he decided to push himself to see how well the cream worked. He lifted things above his head using his left arm (which usually incapacitates him for days), pushed and pulled lots of heavy things, and other stuff, he still came home with no pain. I was very much surprised! His shoulder did start to hurt later that evening, so we slathered more on him and within a half an hour he was right back to normal. I mean this stuff works wonders!!!


EASY! As explained above, all you do is fill your jar just below the rim and completely cover it with your choice of oil (my favorite is Avocado oil).

Stay tuned for the next post where I will share my recipe so you can make the cream yourself!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My insanely EASY Lip Balm Recipe - made with my homemade rose hips infused oils

Disclaimer: this post contains my affiliate links which just means that when I refer a sale I get a small percentage, but you in no way get charged extra. Thank you very much for your support so I can keep this content free. For more information check out my disclosure policy.

Did you make your infused oils yet (not to be confused with essential oils)??? If ya did straight after the post I created for how to make them then obviously you'll need to wait several weeks before they are ready to be use. OR, if you're antsy enough, you can go ahead and just use regular oil that hasn't been infused. It's up to you.

I chose to use my rosehips infused oils because of how wonderfully soft the rosehips oils tends to make your skin. It only made sense to use it in a lip balm for maximum power in achieving luscious lips (yes I just said that)! So once you have an infusion or a simple-plain oil (like extra virgin olive oil or Avocado oil) you want to use selected then all you need to get are a few more things: bees wax pellets, essential oils of your choice (peppermint is excellent for chapped lips or you can just use a lemon essential oil mixed with a lavender essential oil for a wonderful fragrance).

So when making balms, the general rule of thumb is to use a one to two ratio of oil to bees wax pellets. Fox example, if you are using one cup of infused oil then you will want to use 2 OZ. of Bees Wax Pellets. I actually like my lip balm slightly glossier, so I went with a one to one ratio instead. You'll have to play around with it to figure out which way you like better.

THE RECIPE: Rose Hips Infused Lip Balm Recipe




If you are using an instant pot, Insert your liner and turn it on to “keep warm.”
If you are using a double boiler add water to the bottom pot and bring to a boil adding
second pot to the top. Measure your Bees wax pellets using your food scale and then add
them to your instant pot or top pot of double broiler to melt. Add your infused oil to the instant
pot. You will see that it hardens when you add it and this is because your cold oil is hardening
the bees wax. Stir it with a spoon until it mixes well and melts all the way through again.
Pour mixture into your glass measuring cup and mix essential oil into lip balm. Quickly pour
into containers before mixture hardens. If you find it hardens before you can get everything
into their containers you can scoop it back out into the instant pot or double broiler to be
melted again.

There's plenty more where that came from so come on back now, ya hear?!

Friday, October 11, 2019

How To Make Infused Oils and their healing abilities

Infused oils are insanely easy to make and have excellent health properties when you use them topically. Comfrey infused oils for example have amazing healing properties. You can use it to put on wounds and it will heal them FAST, on bruises (and again they heal fast), and my personal favorite, for bug bites. I have already tried this, even though my oils weren't completely finished when I did, and I was blown away with how fast those nasty mosquito bites went away. Usually it takes weeks of itching before I actually see the bites heal completely. After using the comfrey oil however on several bites they were totally gone the very next day. Needless to say I was already sold and can't wait to try many more of these blessed oils.

I have aspired to do infused oils for several years now, but I finally got around to it just a couple of months ago when I was inspired by my bestie who's been doing it for a long time now. She's got looooaaaads of videos on homemade products she shows you how to make in a way that is totally simple and real. First I will list ingredients you will need to do this and then link her video so you can see how to make it.


Disclaimer: the ingredients listed below contain my affiliate links, which just means that when I refer a sale I get a small percentage for it. Don't worry though, you don't get charged extra for it, you simply to me a huge favor by helping me continue to put up free content. So thanks for your support!

  • Oil (organic is always best in my opinion) - Olive oil is great but Avocado oil doesn't go rancid near as fast as olive oil, so that is currently what I am using.
  • DRIED herbs (very important for them to be dried or they will go bad in your oil. Yeah, ehem, I learned that lesson the hard way). - ComfreyMyrrhrosehipsrose petals, and helichrysum are all the herbs I got started with.
  • Sunshine and time - it takes about 6 weeks to complete a batch of infused oils and all you do is let it sit in a sunny window in your house in a clear jar for that amount of time and that's it.
Watch the video below...

 Did you watch it all? Crazy easy right? Once your oils are done then you can simply use it as is, OR you can now easily play around with making salves, lip balm, creams, etc. I mean seriously I could spend soooooo much of my time playing around with recipes to make my own stuff (giggle).

Now stay tuned for my next post where I will show you how I used my rosehips infused oils to make some lip balm, also crazy easy to make!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Intro To Davidic Dance - My Dance Steps Series

Alright, I'll admit it! I have been HORRIBLE at keeping the series on the dance steps here on my blog going. I do apologize. I just didn't realize how insane the amount of work would be that I'd have to put into it. The videos themselves take at least 5-10 hours each to create. Then to put together a blog post explaining everything just wasn't possible for me. So I decided to finish the videos first and then simply link the entire series to the Eiklor Essence blog.

So here ya go everyone! A comprehensive video series that breaks down every step for you to learn at home at your leisure. I am not completely finished but only have a couple videos to go, so I will be soon! I have many more series planned so stay tuned for them!!!

Click on image below to view the playlist

Monday, September 16, 2019

DIY PVC Pipe Sukka

I am not going to go into detail over how or why we made this Sukka because most of that is explained in the video below. I will say this though, you can use this thang for virtually any kind of elegant event you'd like.  For example you can use it as a chupah (gazebo), you can use a tarp over the top of it as a covering for a picnic, you can simply use it to enhance some special decorations you have...get creative with it! So check out the video below and then grab the supplies you need listed beneath it.

Goof Off: https://amzn.to/2QtNU5Z
Miter Box: https://amzn.to/300O3SB
Sheer White Curtains (8 total): https://amzn.to/34OasBn
   *NOTE: I learned the hard way that not all curtains have a big enough opening to fit around the
     PVC pip when you hang it. I know for sure these fit so I highly recommend them. If you want to
     go with a different curtain be sure the openings at the top are big enough to slide over the pipes!
Wired Ribbon: https://amzn.to/2O5fweQ
   *Here's another, more ornate version: https://amzn.to/32HJbi4
Gift Wrapping and Curling Ribbon: https://amzn.to/32L8BLE
Artificial Grapes: https://amzn.to/2Obj1QZ
Measuring Tape: https://amzn.to/2Obelu2
Fairy Lights: https://amzn.to/2O0gNnn
   *Here are some colorful ones too: https://amzn.to/301Uh4M
   **I also found this lovely LED Fairy Lights Curtain with the lights already built into it. I am not sure
      if it will fit over the pipes, but if not you could probably play around with curtain clips?
The exact sizes and measurements of the PVC pipe and elbows are not available online so you will have to go to Lowes to find them in person.

The GREAT thing about this creation is that it doesn't need to be JUST for Sukkot! You can use it for a wedding as well! Tell us what you think in the comments!

Remember me? Here's what's going on in our lives today...

Shalom everyone! I am sure you're all wondering what the heck happened to us. For starters, our lives literally flipped up-side down at ...