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Intro to Davidic Dance Part 7: The 4 Point Turn Step

By The Misses

I must admit, I have been a slacker at this Davidic Dance Tutorials thingy. I know I said I'd break down this step in a post like a month ago, buuuuuut.....yeah clearly that didn't happen the way I wanted it to. Please forgive me for being so slooooow.

BUT I'M BACK and pumping these videos out again! So if you have been watching me on Youtube then you know the 4 Point Turn video has actually been out for a month. I just haven't been able to put a post up for it until now. So here goes!


This step is just as simple as the 3 point turn, you simply add a 4 step to it and it usually means you just need an extra step to continue on to the next move, or you will be changing directions. Here's the breakdown:

When doing it to the right you will be turning in a clockwise circle and simply step on your right while traveling to the right, then make a 180 turn to the back stepping on your left foot, and then turn another 180 to face the front, step on the right foot again, and then finally end on the left foot. To do the left, repeat all of that while turning to the left in a COUNTER clockwise direction.

It's a lot easier to understand by watching the video, so check it out here:

So there ya have it, the 4 point turn step!

Here's the thang: I'm not gonna tell ya AGAIN that I'm gonna have another video of one of the Davidic Dance steps up at a certain time. Cuz we all know, ehem, just how good I am at sticking to a time frame. Here's the deal though, I most definitely will finish this series at some point and I know for sure that the next step I will teach you guys will be the Ashrei Step and I WILL get it done when this mommy has the time to make the video. Mmmmkaaaay??? Thanks for being so patient with me. I love you guys!!! See you on the next post!

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Difference Between a Tithe and an Offering: And the Appropriate places to tithe as Described in Scripture / TITHING SERIES - Post #3

By the Misses

Last week I gave you a glimpse into our personal lives and how God has blessed us for being obedient and tithing to Him. Be sure to also check out the first post in this series where I explain how and why we decided to start tithing. 

Today I am going to answer the main questions we get regarding tithes and what lies you'll end up battling.


How much is actually quite simple. The word tithe literally means tenth and as it is written in Lev. 27: 30 - "All the tenth given from the land, whether from planted seed or fruit from trees, belongs to Adonai; it is holy to Adonai." Obviously we are not farmers or herdsmen, HOWEVER this does not give us any excuse NOT to tithe. The essence of tithing is whatever we make a living off of, we are to give a tenth of its FULL earnings. This means that we must tithe based on our GROSS wages, NOT our net wages.


According to Numbers 18:21 - “To the descendants of Levi I have given the entire tenth of the produce collected in Isra’el. It is their inheritance in payment for the service they render in the tent of meeting." According to this all the tithes of Israel went directly to the Levites. Who were the Levites? They were the priests that watched over the souls of the people, teaching and feeding them God's Word as well as performing the necessary tasks needed to help cover their sins.

Who are the ones who are (supposed to be) doing this for us today? They are the leaders of the Body of Messiah. Now I am not here to argue whether or not our leaders should be pastors or Rabbies. The point of this post is to inform you that you must be tithing. If you go to a church, then tithe to that church. If you go to a synagogue whether Messianic, Reform, or Orthodox then tithe to that Synagogue. 

Does this mean the your leader should manipulate the people by passing an "offering plate" around every single time you congregate? No, I would say definitely not.  Not only do I not see anywhere in the bible that it tells us to use this method of extracting tithes, but the people should know what their responsibilities are financially to the congregation, so there should only be one small place for them to put their money into a secure box. If the people do not know what their responsibilities are then that is the fault of their leader who should be teaching them the ways of God.


My question to people who say this to me is, "If someone did something to you that was illegal and you had to hire a lawyer, wouldn't you pay him?" You would HAVE to! To not pay would mean to not receive any services. How much more so does this apply to the one God has chosen to lead His flock??? 

Is it fare that your Rabbi/Pastor/Leader should not only spend the time watching over your soul, pouring over the LAW of the one true God so He can teach it to you, but to ALSO have a full time job so he can feed himself and his family? This would mean he'd actually have TWO full time jobs, while you sit back enjoying all the money you receive from just your one job.

Also, while the tithe is very much to help support our leaders, it is also needed to help support the congregation so the widows, orphans, and all the needs of the congregation (putting on events for the High Holy Days, equipment, etc.) can be met. If 100% of everyone in the congregation tithed every month (which sadly in America there is NO congregation in which this percentile is met), not only would it be tremendously blessed, there would be no one in need!


Remember that the tithe IS NOT yours. It belongs to God alone. So even though you are handing the check over to the man who is in charge of your congregation, you are not actually giving it to him, you are giving it to God. If your leader fails to do with it what God wants him to do with it, that's not your problem, but his. If however you give God the excuse that you couldn't tithe because the man who is your leader isn't worthy of it (even though the tithe isn't for him but for God), now you just made it your problem.

If you really believe that the man who is in charge of your congregation should not be in that position, it is your job as part of that flock to pray for that leader. If he has become so vile to where he is openly sinning without any desire to repent, then it is either time for you to find another congregation, or ask for God to remove that man and replace him with someone righteous.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

INTRODUCING: Our very first Hand Sanitizing Lotion - The Essential Sanitizing and Moisturizing Lotion!

By the Misses

If you don't already know me, I am an absolute nut when it comes to health! If it goes in my body or on top of my skin I need to know absolutely every detail behind what is in it and how it is made. I was not always this way however.


Before I had kids the only thing I really cared about was my girlish figure (yes I know, I was shallow back then). How I obtained that figure didn't really matter to me as long as I was keeping up a good body image. To me all that meant was don't eat too much and exercise a lot. It never occurred to me that what I was eating and slathering on my skin could potentially harm me in big ways later on down the road.

When I gave birth to our daughter everything changed. Pregnancy hit my body pretty hard and I found myself with hypoglycemia shortly after giving birth and a long battle with my thyroid would also take place. Between struggling with my health and feeling a tremendous amount of responsibility for this tiny and sensitive baby I now had, my journey to properly understand my body began.

It's kind of a looooong story from there as to why I got into making my own beauty products, but basically I started with food, which over time rolled into skin care as well. I was very surprised to find out how simple it was to make your own products such as soaps, lotions, and even tooth paste. But what surprised me the MOST is how much better and healthier they actually are for you. Almost everything I use for my products can also be eaten, and this is my greatest joy!


Over the years I have experimented like crazy, and I am not joking when I say that trying to make my own lotion that didn't either feel way too oily or didn't feel like I needed to apply a ton to get that moisturizing feel almost drove me insane! I think I have tried dozens of recipes that I found all over the blogoshpere as well as from youtube that let me down in one way or another.

Then one day I literally stumbled on the inspiration for this recipe! I was experimenting with using different oils for my curly hair and decided to give avocado oil a try. I noticed right away just how magnificently moisturizing it was on my hands and how easily it turned into a kind of a gel when mixed with other ingredients. That's when I realized I had exactly what I needed to make the lotion of my dreams!!!


Some day soon I hope to share with all a ya'll what the actual recipe is, but for now let me just give you a rundown of all the ingredients I use (PS - All the ingredients listed below are links to my affiliate programs. It just means I get a small kickback if you buy something. It helps me take care of our family so thanks for your contribution! Check out my disclosure policy here).

As you can see, something very unique about this lotion is that it doesn't just moisturize, it also sanitizes. I don't know about you but I despise store bought sanitizer. It is not meant to go on your skin and I have seen some studies that show it is cancer causing. NO STORE BOUGHT SANITIZER FOR THIS FAMILY! But I couldn't give up. I simply had to see if there was something I could use that would be safe, gentle on the skin, and works well if not better than the harsh stuff you buy at the store. Witch Hazel does all of those things, and it doesn't take much to be effective. While experimenting with this recipe I remember thinking, "I wonder if I can use this in my recipe without making it watery?"


If you are interested in making this lovely concoction yourself, click here to get the recipe for it. If you don't want to take the time to make it or spend the large upfront cost to buy all the supplies (because it is expensive to start out), but you still want this lotion, then buy it from me! Here's where you can get it. And please, whether you make it yourself or buy some from us, let us know what you think by commenting below!

2 NEW choreographed Worship Dances: One by Paul Wilbur and the other by Joshua Aaron

It took me way too long to get this post up, but I am happy to finally announce my 2 brand new Davidic Dances I choreographed for our previous Passover Seder. The first song is by Paul Wilbur who I have loved since we first started our journey to a more Torah Based lifestyle. The second one is by Joshua Aaron who I took notice of when he first released his song Every Tribe. Both musicians are incredibly talented and anointed by God Himself.

This Passover was very powerful and in a way was a kind of "coming out" for the mister and I. God put it on my heart to deck the Seder out with all sorts of incredible decorations that fit within the theme He gave us which was "FIRE." Not only did I find out exactly what I was made of, but it proved to me the talent the Almighty truly has given the both of us that He fully intends to use. Check out the decorations bellow:

I can honestly say I had no idea how well everything was going to turn out. I had a lot of ideas in my head for how I wanted the Seder to look, and many of my them panned out exactly the way I wanted them to. Many of them, however, did not and I had to improvise a lot. In the end we were all truly blessed because it was absolutely gorgeous! We had so many people turn up and help us set up and then tear down, which is truly what made this event so marvelous.

Also what made it very special were the two dance offerings we performed. One was a streamer dance, and the other was an ancient Israeli style dance. You could feel the presence of God as we worshiped Him:

COMING SOON: dance lessons for the flags and streamers!!!

Friday, May 10, 2019

How God Has Blessed Us Through Tithes and Offerings / TITHING SERIES - Post #2

By the Misses

In last week's post about tithing I explained to you guys how poverty was literally drowning us and how that led us to what tithing was and why we should do it.

This week I am going to describe to you all the little and BIG blessings God has poured out to us as a result of being obedient and tithing.


As explained in Malachi 3, the curse is the devourer that comes to "destroy the yield of your soil," (Malachi 3:11). Now obviously most of us in America do not make our money as farmers, but back then this was the number one way the people made a living. Translate it into TODAY and what we find is that whatever way in which we make money a devourer will eat up our finances as a curse if we do not fulfill the command to tithe. It could be that one month your car breaks down, costing you hundreds of dollars. Then the next month your truck will break down costing you thousands of doallars. Then maybe something in your home could break down...whatever it is things just keep going wrong with your finances. If we do fulfill the command to tithe, Almighty God will then prevent the devourer from eating up our finances so that we can enjoy abundance.

The problems with our finances had a lot to do with this devourer, and we noticed almost immediately that we stopped having instances in which things were constantly going wrong as soon as we started tithing. And then when something DID break (because that will never stop happening while we are in this fallen world), we were much better prepared for it.

Now I understand that there are many who believe that we no longer need to tithe because supposedly the "old" testament was done away with (even though Jesus did ALL the commandments in the Torah and taught others to do the same AND said to follow His example), or because the tithe was supposedly only meant for the "governmental system" God had set up back then and is now no longer in effect today because there is no temple, etc.

Whatever the belief you have on tithes let me ask you these questions: 

Question #1: Why wouldn't you want to give to God a small amount from your finances every time you get paid?
  • If the the answer is because you don't want to give it to a man whom you think is corrupt then do you not realize how childish and immature this kind of thinking is (I am not condemning anyone here because I have done this very same thing. I just want to get you to think for a minute)?
Basically what you are saying to God is "My brother can't do anything good with the money I give him for YOU Lord." It is like a child giving his earthly father excuses as to why he didn't do what his father instructed him to do and blaming it on his brother. This is called blame displacement and it does not give us any reason to sin against God. By coming up with this excuse you now are held accountable for your sin AND your brother's. But by doing what God says to do IN SPITE OF your brother, now your brother's blood will be on his own head and you will not be to blame for his sins along with him.
  • If it is because you are always poor and "never" have enough to give to God, let me just encourage you by saying I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! We were also in a spot where we genuinely could't afford to tithe because the numbers showed that if we did, we wouldn't have enough to pay for our bills.  But we stepped out in faith and did it anyway and it turned out to be the BEST thing we have ever done. Not only did we have enough to pay our bills, we then had more left over!!!
Let me challenge you and say that you can't afford NOT to tithe. If you want to step out of poverty or being broke all the time, then give to God what is rightfully His and He will bless you! Consider the poor widow who gave out of her poverty (Mark 12:41-44). If she can do it, SO CAN YOU! As I already mentioned in the last post, we were constantly dealing with poverty. If you stay with me and continue reading I will describe to you the little miracles we received along the way AFTER tithing in faith and are now (in comparison to many of our peers) quite wealthy and living very comfortably.
Question #2: Have you actually given tithing a chance for 6 months to a year to see if God will actually keep His promises?

  • There is something about the wealthy I have found that they have in common I think is VERY interesting: THEY ALL GIVE GENEROUSLY! Consider O'prah, Trump, and Rober Kiyosaki. Every single one of them give waaaaaay more than 10% to people.  Granted, even though some of them do not give to God and are maybe, ehem, less than righteous, they are still greatly blessed with riches. Whether or not they give out of their riches is not really for us to decide, but between them and God. As for ourselves however, we can certainly glean from their one good example to give to those less fortunate than themselves, and see how it will bless us as well.
  •  As I said above, we had to step out in faith and give to God 10% of our earnings BELIEVING that He would take care of us. When we first started tithing we knew it would most definitely hurt us if God didn't help us out because we DID NOT have enough money coming in to both tithe AND pay our bills. In a way we gave to God with our eyes closed that very first month because we were so afraid we wouldn't be able to pay our bills.


So what happened the first month we gave money? I honestly cannot even begin to explain it to you the miracles, but we somehow had the money we needed to pay ALL our bills. The only thing I can think of is that God literally put money into our bank account so we could pay because I had been very diligent in calculating exactly how much we had prior to tithing and how much we had after and the numbers DO NOT match up. We simply had more than we should have.

So our finances slowly started to iron out and God began to give us wisdom on how to manage our finances responsibly. I remember one day surfing the internet and coming across this guy named Dave Ramsey. If you don't know about him, he is GIFTED in training people how to manage their finances, and it shows not only through the wisdom he speaks using God's Word, but also through his own finances.

Another thing that began to happen was people just randomly started giving us what we needed, without our ever expressing anything about our needs. At the time we only had our first born who was barely over a year old and a month after we started tithing I noticed that she was growing out of her clothes (again). We simply didn't have the money to buy more clothes, not even from the thrift store. Feeling a little panicky at first I remembered what God had promised me and chose to ask for clothes for Ariela and simply wait, hoping she would be able to wear her clothes long enough before they would tear. To my utter amazement a friend of ours stopped by that same week for no reason with a container FULL of clothes for Ariela. I was completely amazed! This had never happened to us before!


Since those humble beginnings of tithing and receiving those small miracles on a regular basis, we were able to get out of debt, paying off over $16,000 dollars in student loans in less than a year and paying for both our cars in full!

But the single greatest blessing we have received came when we moved to Washington State and we bought our first home that is actually a duplex! This means that we have not only lived in the home, we have also been able to make a small income off of the other half of the duplex. And I am not overexagerating when I tell you that the duplex has saved us on more than one occasion (actually it was God who saved us by giving us the duplex, but you catch my drift). There were several times we found ourselves in a situation where neither the mister or myself had jobs, but because of the duplex we were able to come out of every single one of those circumstances ahead.

Now, here we are, after 7 years of living in the duplex and we are getting ready to sell it for twice as much as we bought it for (more on that to come). If you don't think that is a blessing, then I don't know what is?

Stay tuned next week when I will explain to you based on scripture what is the difference between a tithe and an offering and where are the appropriate places to tithe, including who we started tithing to and who we tithe to now.

Friday, May 3, 2019

How and why we got started in Tithing / TITHING SERIES - Post #1

By the Misses

When the mister and I first got married we knew nothing about the wisdom God gives in the bible regarding finances. Naturally, as many young couples do out of their ignorance, we spent our money frivolously, never planning for the future or saving anything up for the winter when things were bound to get hard. And we DEFINITELY were not tithing. In fact, while we had heard of the word, we didn't fully understand what it meant, until we got desperate from financial lack and started studying what it was from God's perspective instead of man's.


Like I said above, the mister and I were terrible with our finances. We had no goals and no plans, which in and of themselves is a recipe for disaster, but to not be tithing is so much worse because the feeling of being cursed was a constant companion of ours. It was like no matter what we did there was always something that went wrong, broke, etc. that shoved us deeper into the water. I can still remember the first time we became desperate for money in a way I had never experienced before.

I was in college studying to be an Interior Designer and Travis had recently gotten out of the military as an "inactive reservist." No matter how hard Travis looked he couldn't seem to find a stable job. Living in Hawaii at the time where the rate of living is one of the highest in the country, this obviously created a desperate situation for us where we were forced to live off of beans and Ramen noodles for weeks. The day for paying our rent was very fast approaching and we had no way to make that money fast enough in order to pay it. We had to humble ourselves and ask for help from family members. Thankfully one of them took pity on us and graciously gave us exactly what we needed to pay our bills for that month.

While we thought we were out of the woods, we were soon to find out that the cycle was about to come back around. That next month our car was stolen and then returned to us half missing. Not only did we have a car payment we were still paying but then we also had to figure out how to pay to fix it up so we could still get Travis to job interviews and I could get to school. All that month we struggled...and the month after that...Aaaaand the month after that...and the month after that.  We kept telling ourselves, "If we do this, it'll get better," or "If we do that, it'll get better." But it never did actually get better. 

Then we moved to Texas thinking that because the economy there was so much better than Hawaii (there were other reasons besides financial that we moved there in case you are wondering), finances would get better for us. WRONG! Over and over we continued to find ourselves in situations in which we were on the verge of not even having a roof over our heads. 


Suddenly we had a realization: we must be doing SOMETHING wrong!!! So we turned to the church and scripture for help. The church we were attending at the time were offering a course that taught people like us financial wisdom based on the scriptures. I can't even remember the name of the course now, but one thing I remember the most that they taught us that has proved to be the BEST thing that we have ever learned from them is the concept of tithing.

After being presented with what tithing is and why we should do it, I can remember going home with my mind filled with questions: how do I do this if we never have money? Is God going to help us out if we need the money we give Him? Is it going to be worth it if we simply step out in faith and try tithing in spite of our fear that we will not be able to pay our rent?

That night while I was at home I decided to look over Malachi 3 where we had earlier studied with our financial class at church. It was as if I was hearing God speak to me Himself:

"Since the days of your forefathers
you have turned from my laws and have not kept them.
Return to me, and I will return to you,”
says Adonai-Tzva’ot.
“But you ask, ‘In respect to what
are we supposed to return?’
Can a person rob God?
Yet you rob me.
But you ask, ‘How have we robbed you?’
In tenths and voluntary contributions.
A CURSE is on you, on your whole nation,
because you rob me." Malachi 3:7-9 EMPHASIS MINE
I felt as though a dagger had been thrust right through my chest. The pain I felt knowing I and my people had been "robbing" God was really hard to swallow. But swallow it I did, and repentance overcame me. I apologized to God, asking for His complete forgiveness, but also asking for Him to help me in my lack of faith and the fear I had to give Him what belonged to Him. Then I was compelled to read on in Malachi and found this promise:
"Bring the whole tenth into the storehouse,
so that there will be food in my house,
says Adonai-Tzva’ot.
“See if I won’t open for you
the floodgates of heaven
and pour out for you a blessing
far beyond your needs.

For your sakes I will forbid the devourer
to destroy the yield from your soil;
and your vine will not lose its fruit
before harvest-time,”
says Adonai-Tzva’ot.
“All nations will call you happy,
for you will be a land of delights,”
says Adonai-Tzva’ot." (Malachi 3:10-12 EMPHASIS MINE)

BAM! There it was in black and white, and I suddenly came to the realization why we always seemed to be in need! The "devourer" was part of the curse of not giving to God what belonged to Him. I realized that 10 percent of all our earnings really is nothing. I should be able to give God such a little amount.

And the part about how He PROMISES that He will abundantly bless us beyond all our needs was just the motivation I needed to give God what belonged to Him. I realized this was the ONLY place in all the Bible that God has given us permission to test Him on, and I intended to do exactly that. I wanted to see just how well God would bless us if we did what He said to do according to His Word instead of according to man's opinion or our own fleshly desires.


So the very first thing we did was give 10 percent of our GROSS earnings to the church we currently attended. I'm not gonna lie; IT WAS HARD!!! Knowing that we were struggling to make ends meet and could use that money towards any of our bills or on things we wanted for ourselves was a very difficult thing to do. But we had committed to God that we were going to please Him first rather than ourselves, and in turn did He ABUNDANTLY BLESS US!

Stay tuned next week when I will explain just how much God followed through on His promise and what He has blessed us with since we started tithing.

Remember me? Here's what's going on in our lives today...

Shalom everyone! I am sure you're all wondering what the heck happened to us. For starters, our lives literally flipped up-side down at ...