Sunday, May 19, 2019

Intro to Davidic Dance Part 7: The 4 Point Turn Step

By The Misses

I must admit, I have been a slacker at this Davidic Dance Tutorials thingy. I know I said I'd break down this step in a post like a month ago, buuuuuut.....yeah clearly that didn't happen the way I wanted it to. Please forgive me for being so slooooow.

BUT I'M BACK and pumping these videos out again! So if you have been watching me on Youtube then you know the 4 Point Turn video has actually been out for a month. I just haven't been able to put a post up for it until now. So here goes!


This step is just as simple as the 3 point turn, you simply add a 4 step to it and it usually means you just need an extra step to continue on to the next move, or you will be changing directions. Here's the breakdown:

When doing it to the right you will be turning in a clockwise circle and simply step on your right while traveling to the right, then make a 180 turn to the back stepping on your left foot, and then turn another 180 to face the front, step on the right foot again, and then finally end on the left foot. To do the left, repeat all of that while turning to the left in a COUNTER clockwise direction.

It's a lot easier to understand by watching the video, so check it out here:

So there ya have it, the 4 point turn step!

Here's the thang: I'm not gonna tell ya AGAIN that I'm gonna have another video of one of the Davidic Dance steps up at a certain time. Cuz we all know, ehem, just how good I am at sticking to a time frame. Here's the deal though, I most definitely will finish this series at some point and I know for sure that the next step I will teach you guys will be the Ashrei Step and I WILL get it done when this mommy has the time to make the video. Mmmmkaaaay??? Thanks for being so patient with me. I love you guys!!! See you on the next post!

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