Monday, July 8, 2019

Stars Go Dim - Heaven on Earth Streamer Dance Video

I still remember when I first heard the song Heaven on Earth by Stars go Dim on Air 1. I was sitting in my car, going along with life as usual when it came on. As soon as I heard it for the first time my soul began to praise Adonai! I was immediately impressed by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) that He had a streamer dance he wanted me to do for it.

Well, I actually started to argue with Elohim at this point, because I didn't even have streamers, and I wasn't too keen on spending $80 bucks to buy some. So I put it off...and I put it off...and I put it off. I began to feel really guilty every time I heard the song. Until finally, I could feel my Father becoming upset with me or not doing what He said. So I finally relented and asked the mister if I could buy a set of streamers. To my surprise, he didn't even argue with me about it. That was my first confirmation I was going to need streamers for more than just this dance.

I was so excited when I finally received my streamers, but I was also very apprehensive. At this point, I had only danced with spin tube flags. It took a little bit of practice, but I was able to take the same steps and movements I use with the flags and apply it to the streamers just by making a few minor adjustments.

And that's how the Heaven On Earth streamer dance was born

After feeling the song out and working on it for sometime, it wasn't long before I had a beautiful dance, and I couldn't WAIT to share it with our congregation! After showing it to our dance leader and worship leader, it was quickly decided that this dance would be perfect for Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). To say that the Spirit moved the congregation into joy is an understatement! We had everyone clapping and singing at the top of their lungs for the entire song. I LOVE what I do!

Watch the Video:
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Friday, July 5, 2019

How To Approach Your Brother/Sister Who Is In A Sin

I am honestly SHOCKED AND SADDENED at how rude many of the believers are to each other. I can understand the occasional slip up as none of us are perfect, but for some reason many people who call themselves part of the body of Messiah think they have a license to call out their brother's/sister's sin, sometimes in front of many people, and they do it in the most ungodly and judgmental way possible (Facebook 🙄)!
Then They preach, "We are called to love our enemies." Hang on a second, if you can't even love your brother/sister how the heck do you think you are able to love your enemies? Hmmmmm? Now I am sure there will be many who say, "But, but Kaui, the bible teaches that if our brother is in a fault we are to go to him." Yes, but read the ENTIRE scripture folks. There is still an ORDER one must follow or else you are in sin. You are first to go to your brother PRIVATELY!!! And when you go to him you better be humble before Adonai and be prayed up, cuz chances are HIGH he won't even listen to you.

Here's the next thing: HOW you speak to your brother/sister makes all the difference in his/her response. Lets say, for example, that you go to your brother, guns blazing, pointing the finger at him yelling "You must REPENT!" It may sound ridiculous to you when you read it, but i have seen believers do this to each other PUBLICLY over, and over, and over again. Let's think of how YOU would react if someone approached you in this way. My guess is you would dig your heals in deeper, continue doing what you are doing even if you KNOW you are sinning, and never speak to your brother ever again JUST BECAUSE of how he approached you. Now your sin is also on his head.
Here's a much better scenario: "Hey brother, you know I love you right? I wouldn't be telling you this unless I do because i am concerned for your spiritual well-being and your marriage with Sally. I have noticed you have been spending a lot of time alone with Joyce and I have seen how you both look at each other. If you continue with this behavior you will end up doing something God will not be pleased about and you will regret. Please don't do this anymore." Doesn't that sound so much better than the first scenario? And don't forget that attitude and tone of voice must be carefully monitored the entire time you speak.

Approaching anyone about a sin is a very delicate situation and should NEVER be handled lightly! If you see something sinful in a believer's life you should first ask Elohim if you should even go to that person. What if the Most High wants someone else to approach them before you do? If you truly love your brothers and sisters, then pray that YHVH sort things out with them Himself. In so many cases i have seen Adonai reach my brother's heart before i have had to say anything. This is always the best scenario.

I leave you guys with this scripture: 1st John 3:18 - "Little children, let us not love in word or speech, but in ACTION and in truth."

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