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Davidic Dance FAQ - answers in one simple place

This is a post in a series about our congregation's dance team and the rules we have created for it. To see the entire series check it out here.

Here's the thang: being one of the dance leaders in our congregation I get a looooooot of the same questions all the time. I was simply answering them as they come, but as we have grown in numbers and our communications have become much more often I have come to realize I really really need to figure out a way to simplify this process. While I was in prayer asking God for wisdom on how to accomplish this so I could free up my time He suddenly gave me a brilliant idea! Create a FAQ post for the dance that answers all the common questions you always get. Then you can simply send the link to your people as they ask them. You can also add it to your welcome email for the new people coming in. 


So here are all the common questions we get:

Do I need to have any experience in dance to join your team?

NOPE! You can be brand spanking new, only have experience in a completely different style of dance, or be as advanced as the ballerinas at the top of their game. The point of this kind of dance is not to be perfect, but to be worshipful through dance.

While perfection is certainly something we'd like to work towards, it is not our first focus. We focus our attention on worship FIRST, and then if there is time and YHVH makes away, we work on perfecting the dance.

What do I wear?

There are 2 different kinds of requirements:

1). The ladies MUST wear skirts or wraps that are below the knees during the worship services. Read this post for more information on that.
2). There is a uniform Men and Ladies both are required to wear during the Dance Offerings. Read this post for more information on that.

Is there an age limit?

Unfortunately we do not have a dance instructor for the children. Sometimes our Rabbi's wife will teach them a dance during their Shabbat School, but there are no actual dance classes that Tori and I do for our dance classes. We hope and pray YHVH will bless us with someone soon who can take on that responsibility, but for now you must be 18 years and older to be able to dance with us.

Do you have any videos I can watch that will help me practice this dance at home?

I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Our biggest problem with our dance team has always been time. It takes a great deal of time to teach everyone and practice the dances. With new people coming in all the time and being so short on it that we really only have enough to teach the actual dances for the dance offerings, I decided to make my own video series for our team on the dance steps to be able to practice at home on their own time. This did 2 wonderful things for us: it teaches them the steps whenever they have the time and it takes the pressure and stress off our shoulders as dance leaders so we can truly focus on the dance offerings.

At first I thought I would make this private only for our team. But then I thought, why not make it available for all the believers around the world who have a desire to do this dance in worship? I figured there must be those struggling with the same problems as us. So lucky for all of you out there who are to far away from us to learn these steps, here it is for free! You're welcome!

Click on image below to view the Davidic Dance Steps

How often do I need to practice?

When it comes to the worship service, there really is no requirement for practice. We do however have a dedicated dance practice every Sabbath at 10am prior to our service starting at 11am. If you would like to be prepared and not look like a monkey in front of our congregants, then it is highly recommended that you join us for practice LOL!

How do I join the Flag and Streamer team?

The flags and streamers are extremely special and an advanced form of dance, which means that we have a couple of requirements the flag team need to abide by that I explain in detail in this post.

That's it for now. I will add more questions and answers as they arrise. Check out the next post in this series on The Products We Recommend and/or REQUIRE For Our Worship Services.

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