Monday, September 16, 2019

DIY PVC Pipe Sukka

I am not going to go into detail over how or why we made this Sukka because most of that is explained in the video below. I will say this though, you can use this thang for virtually any kind of elegant event you'd like.  For example you can use it as a chupah (gazebo), you can use a tarp over the top of it as a covering for a picnic, you can simply use it to enhance some special decorations you have...get creative with it! So check out the video below and then grab the supplies you need listed beneath it.

Goof Off:
Miter Box:
Sheer White Curtains (8 total):
   *NOTE: I learned the hard way that not all curtains have a big enough opening to fit around the
     PVC pip when you hang it. I know for sure these fit so I highly recommend them. If you want to
     go with a different curtain be sure the openings at the top are big enough to slide over the pipes!
Wired Ribbon:
   *Here's another, more ornate version:
Gift Wrapping and Curling Ribbon:
Artificial Grapes:
Measuring Tape:
Fairy Lights:
   *Here are some colorful ones too:
   **I also found this lovely LED Fairy Lights Curtain with the lights already built into it. I am not sure
      if it will fit over the pipes, but if not you could probably play around with curtain clips?
The exact sizes and measurements of the PVC pipe and elbows are not available online so you will have to go to Lowes to find them in person.

The GREAT thing about this creation is that it doesn't need to be JUST for Sukkot! You can use it for a wedding as well! Tell us what you think in the comments!

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