Friday, September 27, 2019

Our Flag and Streamer Dance Team: our requirements for being able to perform with us and the products we recommend/require

This is a post in a series about our congregation's dance team and the rules we have created for it. To see the entire series check it out here.

As mentioned in our Davidic DAnce FAQs post, the Flags and Streamers are an advanced form of dance, which means we need very dedicated dancers to join us. So we have created a list of requirements you will have to abide by in order to join the team:

1). You MUST first be dedicated to the Davidic Dance practices for at least 1 and 1/2 months, showing up to all the practices which would include our Thursday AND Worship Service Practices. Why the Davidic Dance? TWO reasons: 1) many of the steps we do are in the flag routines and therefor you must know them thoroughly to be ready to do the flags, and 2) it will prove to us you are dedicated enough to be a part of the flag team. Once you have shown us you are dedicated enough, then we will be able to move you to the next requirement...

2). You MUST practice with our flagging team for at least another month and a half before you will be permitted to join us during the worship service or dance offerings. Just as it was required of you to be a part of all the practices (both worship and Thursday practices) you also will be required to come to all of the practices unless you are sick. If you are planning a vacation that falls in the middle of your month and a half training then we will have to reschedule your training to start after your vacation. This gives you a total of 3 months of dedication before we can determine whether or not you can join our Flags and Streamers team.

These rules are meant to keep it fair not only to the ones who are dedicated, but also to the ones putting in a great deal of effort to train you.

*Disclaimer: there are always exceptions to the rules so be sure to be in communication with your leadership regarding any situation that may arise when you will not be able to practice with us. The more you communicate with us and show an effort of consistency the more flexible we will be with these rules.


You do not have to have streamers to join our team, but you are required to order your own set of flags to have for practices BEFORE you begin your month and a half long training season. We currently are recommending you buy them from Glorious Creations and they must be the ones that are gold and on spin tube rods. Here is a tutorial I created that shows you exactly what to order (if you wish to join our team you are required to buy the exact ones I show you in this tutorial):

When it comes to the streamers, you do not necessarily have to have a pair of streamers to dance with us since many of the dances are exactly the same with both flags and streamers, the technique is just slightly different. If however you do want to use streamers and therefore perform with us then you will be required to buy the 8" X 9" size and then you can choose any one of the colors that Glorious Creations offer. Click here to buy your streamers (not one of my affiliate links).

And that concludes our series on our Davidic Dance Team. To view the entire series go here.

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