Friday, September 27, 2019

The Products We Recommend and/or REQUIRE For Our Worship Services and Dance Practices

This is a post in a series about our congregation's dance team and the rules we have created for it. To see the entire series check it out here.

Recently our team has gone through a great deal of changes (all good btw). We have been working hard to get everyone organized, on the same page, and looking more cohesive during the High Holy Days. So I have come up with a list of items to recommend to our team so that they can buy their sizes and blend in with us if they do not already have what we wear. While this post focuses on what we recommend for the worship services (which are different in nature to the Dance Offerings) and ARE NOT A REQUIREMENT TO PURCHASE, I will have another post available showing what outfits we require for the Dance Offerings.


First thing's first: the ONLY requirement we have for our worship services is that the ladies wear a skirt below the knees for modesty's sake. Some ladies get a little offended or annoyed by this rule because they think that if they are wearing pants they are being modest, which is understandable. If you are simply doing every day tasks in pants then yes you are being modest, but while dancing you are moving your body in a way that is not normal for pants. Skirts hide the hard lines of a woman's curves and help protect the visual nature of our brothers so they are not tempted to look at their sisters in a lustful manner.


There is one way around our "rule of skirts" that is permitted in our congregation: you may wear a wrap over your pants to wear just for the worship so you can still enjoy the comfort of wearing pants without compromising our rule. The wrap however MUST still be fully wrapped around your waist to completely enclose your legs so they cannot be seen, AND it must come down below your knees.


This is a post in a series about our congregation's dance team and the rules we have created for it. To see the entire series check it out here.

These are generally used at the beach, but I wore them for years during worship services before I was finally comfortable enough to switch to skirts. If you come to our congregation and want to try these out but are not sure how to use them, I gotcha covered. Not only did I use them myself for worship, but I also am from Hawaii which means I can show you all sorts of ways to tie these that are easy and fun.


We do not require any kind of shoes that you have to wear for our worship services, but we do have some that we recommend that are both comfortable and light:

Linodes (Tent) Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men

(click on image below to view pricing and sizes)

There are actually 2 colors for these shoes and the link will immediately take you to the black ones. For our team at Congregation T'shuvat Yisrael, BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE BROWN COLOR as the black will not be accepted when dancing with us for the Dance Offerings (although you are certainly welcome to use them for our worship services).

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