Friday, October 11, 2019

How To Make Infused Oils and their healing abilities

Infused oils are insanely easy to make and have excellent health properties when you use them topically. Comfrey infused oils for example have amazing healing properties. You can use it to put on wounds and it will heal them FAST, on bruises (and again they heal fast), and my personal favorite, for bug bites. I have already tried this, even though my oils weren't completely finished when I did, and I was blown away with how fast those nasty mosquito bites went away. Usually it takes weeks of itching before I actually see the bites heal completely. After using the comfrey oil however on several bites they were totally gone the very next day. Needless to say I was already sold and can't wait to try many more of these blessed oils.

I have aspired to do infused oils for several years now, but I finally got around to it just a couple of months ago when I was inspired by my bestie who's been doing it for a long time now. She's got looooaaaads of videos on homemade products she shows you how to make in a way that is totally simple and real. First I will list ingredients you will need to do this and then link her video so you can see how to make it.


Disclaimer: the ingredients listed below contain my affiliate links, which just means that when I refer a sale I get a small percentage for it. Don't worry though, you don't get charged extra for it, you simply to me a huge favor by helping me continue to put up free content. So thanks for your support!

  • Oil (organic is always best in my opinion) - Olive oil is great but Avocado oil doesn't go rancid near as fast as olive oil, so that is currently what I am using.
  • DRIED herbs (very important for them to be dried or they will go bad in your oil. Yeah, ehem, I learned that lesson the hard way). - ComfreyMyrrhrosehipsrose petals, and helichrysum are all the herbs I got started with.
  • Sunshine and time - it takes about 6 weeks to complete a batch of infused oils and all you do is let it sit in a sunny window in your house in a clear jar for that amount of time and that's it.
Watch the video below...

 Did you watch it all? Crazy easy right? Once your oils are done then you can simply use it as is, OR you can now easily play around with making salves, lip balm, creams, etc. I mean seriously I could spend soooooo much of my time playing around with recipes to make my own stuff (giggle).

Now stay tuned for my next post where I will show you how I used my rosehips infused oils to make some lip balm, also crazy easy to make!!!

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