Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Eiklor Essence Shop FAQ

Ooooo BOY! I have been wanting to open my own online shop for AGES now, and while I toyed around with Etsy (and hated it) for a little while, I am finally working on actually creating a shop right here on the Eiklor Essence website. WOW! I feel so very accomplished! But please be patient with us as we work to get this shop up and running. As I add new recipes and products to my posts I will also add them to my shop to sell if it is something I am interested in selling.

This post will specifically be for the FAQs. As they come up I will add them to this post. So here's what we have now:

The Item(s) I want to order is sold out. When will more be ready for sale?

Tricky question. Unfortunately I cannot give you a difinitive answer for this as I am a working mom with many many responsibilities (including caring for a congregation since I am also the wife of an elder). I try not to sell out of my popular items, but life happens. I will do my best to inform you when we are back in stock so you can hurry up and buy more.

I live in or will be visiting the Tacoma-Seattle Metro area. Is there any way I can buy some things from you instead of ordering them online?

Other than my digital products, absolutely you can buy from me in person. HOWEVER, we are unable to accept checks or credit cards so you will have to pay with either a money order or cash and in order to protect privacy we will have to make our exchange at the Panera Bread in the Lakewood Town Center. Email me what you'd like to buy and when and what times work for you so we can coordinate. I am very busy so you will have to schedule a time to meet at least 2 WEEKS in advance.

To view our shop click here
Updated 10/15/2019

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