Sunday, October 20, 2019

Why I Concentrate My Comfrey Infused Oil and How To Do It Yourself

If you don't already know how to infuse oils, jump over to my post explaining the whole process.

When you watch Natasha's video explaining how to infuse oils, you'll hear her say that only the flowery herbs need to be filled to the top of the jar, but the more dense herbs can simply cover the bottom of the jar and then you can fill the entire thing with oil and still get a great infusion.

Weeeeeeell, when I started I missed that part of her video lol! Being that I started with comfrey because that's what I had on hand, I filled that sucker to the rim and loaded it with oil. This turned out to be a GLORIOUS mistake! Not only do we get all the benefits of using it, but the fact that it soothes (and almost eliminates) pain is EXACTLY what I needed to help the mister.


If you don't already know, Travis was involved in a nasty car crash over 10 years ago while he was in the Marine Corps that shattered his left shoulder in 7 places. Unfortunately the military doctors didn't do a very good job at repairing his shoulder and several years later the cartage in it gave out, tearing between the shoulder and arm bones. He is pretty much in constant pain now, sometimes making him unable to perform simple tasks we all take for granted, like lifting a mug full of coffee so he can drink it (he can't live without coffee!!! Thank goodness for the other arm lol!!!).

We considered using stuff with THC in it, but the main problem with that is he has a CDL license and will lose it if they find any THC in his system. He used powerful drugs prescribed from the doctors for a while, but became horribly addicted to them and quit cold turkey when our son (only 3 at the time) gave us a major scare when we found him holding them in his little hands (thank GOD he didn't actually eat them!!!). So he refuses to go back to using prescription pain meds (understandable!).


After seeing him suffer for many years I turned to Abba, asking Him to give me wisdom and knowledge on how to help him. When my bestie Natasha showed me her comfrey infusions, I thought for sure I had my answer!!! I just couldn't wait to try these healing oils out!!!

When our infusion was finally done (it takes 6 weeks to be completely ready), I started experimenting like CRAZY.

Now let me stop right here and insert a disclaimer: herbs can be very powerful, and if you are not careful you could hurt yourself or even overdose. Be sure to educate yourself before begining, start off in small amounts (unlike what I did with the comfrey but thankfully we are all just fine and have been using it for quite a while now), and use at your own risk! I am NOT an herbalist or a doctor, so study first and even check with your doctor before continuing to be uber safe.

My most recent and successful recipe by far now is the "Ultimate Pain Relieving Cream" I created for the mister that has completely helped him out. Not only does it take away the pain, it lasts for long amounts of time. Sadly it doesn't completely heal him so he will keep having to use the cream, but the fact that it helps him so much is a major blessing to our family.

The first time he tried it he decided to push himself to see how well the cream worked. He lifted things above his head using his left arm (which usually incapacitates him for days), pushed and pulled lots of heavy things, and other stuff, he still came home with no pain. I was very much surprised! His shoulder did start to hurt later that evening, so we slathered more on him and within a half an hour he was right back to normal. I mean this stuff works wonders!!!


EASY! As explained above, all you do is fill your jar just below the rim and completely cover it with your choice of oil (my favorite is Avocado oil).

Stay tuned for the next post where I will share my recipe so you can make the cream yourself!!!

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