Thursday, November 14, 2019

Basic Dances We Do For Our Worship Services

There are a number of dances we use pretty much every Shabbat for songs we don't have an actual choreographed dance for. If you are on our dance team you will want to learn these dances, so I have compiled all of them in just one place to make it easy for you all to find.


Most learn to do this dance the fastest because we do it every single week to the Micha Mocha (pronounced Mi-kah Mo-kah):

Since our congregation does this dance slightly different, I will also share with you our team doing the actual dance as well:


This dance we probably use more than any of the other dances we have on rotation for songs we don't have a dance for such as for Days of Elijah and Battle for Zion. It is a bit more advanced, but oh so beautiful:


Another goodie we use quite often for songs like Thrive and Revival:


Honestly we don't do this dance near as much as we would like, but we do actually perform it every once in a while. Just so you aren't caught unawares (and also because we are going to try and do it more often), I am going to add it here so you can learn it:


In the video I have linked below you'll see the name is different. I considered changing it to the name on the video, but since we have already conditioned everyone to know this song by the name Holy Unto You, then that is what it will remain, LOL! 


Here's another dance that the video below has a different name for, but we first learned it to Bo Ruach Elohim and it has stuck with us ever since LOL!

SO! Along with my davidic dance steps tutorial videos, practice these at home so you can dance them flawlessly with us during our worship services. You can do it!!!

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