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HI THERE! We're the Eiklor's and we welcome you to our small, but cozy, space on the internet. If you don't know us yet, we are a mixed race family, the Mister being a blend of German and English, and the Misses being a blend of Hawaiian, Chinese, Cherokee, and White. Our children, now reflections of our love and cultural blends, are amazing blessings from Adonai (God) that we would not be successful at raising without His help. For years we struggled in many aspects of life, barely surviving, frustrated almost all the time, confused, easily falling into extremes, and clueless as to how to work within our roles as man and woman, husband and wife, mother and father, and most importantly as a son and daughter of the Almighty YHVH (God). 
After following the principles set forth in the whole counsel of scripture and figuring out how to apply it to our lives the hard way, we are blessed to have risen up out of the ashes and live firm on the ROCK. Now it is our mission to help others learn from our mistakes and successes in order to help guide them so they don't make the same mistakes we have and so they can hopefully be even more successful than we've been!
DISCLAIMER: while we respect ALL BELIEFS, OPINIONS, AND RELIGIONS, one thing we will NOT tolerate is bullying, harsh or rude comments, arguing, slander, or condemning speech of any kind. It makes no difference to us whether you believe in our ways or not, any comments of this nature will be automatically deleted.


Men (and we are referring to men who believe in the God of the Bible) know they are created to lead their households, but do not know how to do so without dominating their wives and children. And women know they are created to help their husbands, but do not know how to do so without fear of being subjugated, and they also have no clue how to submit God's way without turning into a slave.


Here at E.E. it is our number one goal to take families who are barely surviving, to THRIVING. We do this by sharing everything we have learned in our lives through the practical application of Elohim's (God) Word. It is the very ESSENCE of all things we do in our lives - hence the reason we have the word Essence in the name of our title. We have struggled in so many areas of our lives, never really having any clear cut understanding coming from our leaders as to how to truly live our lives as a family based on God's Word, but overcoming them all by the guidance of the Ruach Hachodesh (Holy Spirit).

This is not to say that we have all the answers, because believe us, WE DON'T! Only Hashem (God) holds all the answers. However, having heard the call of God to teach the world what we have learned so hopefully they do not have to struggle as hard as we have, we are here to simply be used by the Spirit however He leads. And right now, by His leading, we are to construct this website as a means to connect with others on a personal level and use our life lessons to help them overcome as well. Walking through life without clear understanding of the Word is hard enough as it is, but to have to do it alone is dark, scary, and depressing! We want to provide a way to be able to extend our hands to anyone looking for answers and who do not want to walk it alone like we have had to in many ways.
Considering how personal we intend to get with the people who look to us for guidance, using our own life's lessons as a means to show them what not to do as well as what they should do, we also knew we wanted to include our family name in the title of this website. We feel that by being transparent and showing our real selves to the world will help them to open up more to us so we can clearly see into their hearts and help them root out anything that may be hindering them from THRIVING.


Our long term goals at Eiklor Essence is for the Mister to be training the Men, the Misses to be training the women, and the two combined to train couples as a husband and wife team. Unfortunately at the moment Adonai hasn't opened the door for the Mister to focus all his time and effort into the website. Mainly it is because he still needs to work a regular job in the world in order to provide for the family (side note, if you like what we are doing here and would like to help our family get food on the table then you can donate to use here. We greatly appreciate your contribution and pray that Elohim blesses you beyond measure for it). But we are working hard to leverage ourselves in order to bring him home so we can work full-time TOGETHER.
Even though the Misses is currently the one doing all the work, we'd like to share with you what our clear cut roles are:


To train the women how to successfully run their homes as loving mothers, wives, and daughters of Elohim in a way that brings balance and harmony to their lives based on the whole counsel of scripture. This includes teaching family health by using herbs and foods created by God that help empower them in caring for their families wellness without having to rely solely on the medical field, teaching them how to be more emotionally balanced so they aren't living so far in the extremes that they lose their connections with their husbands, and to show them where their priorities stand according to God's order.


To train the men how to actually be men as coverings and support over their wives and children without "lording it over them." This comes through teaching balanced living through finances and how to go from being slaves to the system of the World, to finding freedom as servants of the Most High Elohim. It also comes through the practical application of God's Word in a man's life so he can be Spirit filled and Spirit led as the patriarchs once were.


Lets face it, men communicate much differently than women do. One thing that makes the Mister and Misses shine with married couples is their ability to come together as ONE and counsel couples as ONE. There is only so much the Mister can accomplish with just the men, and only so much the Misses can accomplish with just the women. The dynamic between a husband and wife when brought together becomes much more complex. In order to help them overcome obstacles they are facing as a married couple we need to be able to see them interact with each other together, and what makes us unique in our approach to counseling couples is that we BOTH do it together so we can meet them both as a man and woman ourselves, instead of just the mister counseling couples or just the Misses counseling couples. It helps the two of us communicate properly with both sexes at the same time. Currently we are only able to do this in our own congregation, but our hope is to be able to spread our wings and offer our expertise using the phenomenal tool of the internet some day.



Accomplishing and establishing our roles will take time for the Mister as mentioned above, but the Misses is already working at full tilt to establish her role in helping the women (and some thing also can help the men) until he is able to join her. One thing she has already created is a FREE ebook called A PARENTS GUIDE TO UNITY AND HARMONY IN THE HOME.

This book is based on her own expertise and training by none other than the one and only "REAL LIFE OF HARD KNOCKS!" If you would like to learn more, Here is the story behind the making of this ebook.


The Misses has been dancing all her life, even dancing hula professionally for some years. When she was saved she had many opportunities to worship the Creator using this gift He gave her. He also put her in many many situations where she had to teach dances to groups of people whether it was for High School performances or church events. Unfortunately, because of bad doctrine and training in many of the churches throughout the US she had to put aside her love for dance until she entered into her first Messianic congregation.

Here's a video she made detailing everything:

Now she uses our business as a platform to share her dances and train our congregation's team as well as others how to do the Davidic dance, flags, streamers, and anything else she can use to praise Elohim as a fulfillment to Psalm 150.

If you are interested in learning Davidic dance then be sure to check out her Davidic Dance Steps Tutorials:

Here also are her Worship Dance Videos and some Tutorial and Demo videos you can glean from.


The Misses is also very passionate about teaching others how to use herbs and simple household items to help cure and/or ease any symptoms one might have. Not to prevent people from going to see their doctors, but to educate them prior to going as well as prevent them from having to go as often.

She has thus far created an excellent pain cream the Mister uses for a horrific shoulder injury he has that cannot be fixed (the story of this pain cream taking away all his pain is literally amazing and well worth the read), a foot rub she uses on the entire family whenever anyone becomes sick with a cold or flu (along with a couple other remedies at the same time), and a fantastic homemade sanitizing lotion, all of which she shares her recipes for. And she has so much more planned for the future. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

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