Disclosure Policy

The purpose and mission of Eiklor Essence is to help guide you through the challenges of family life. Whether it be through helping you make wise financial decisions, encouraging you to give to a certain mission, or counseling you through the ups and downs of parenting, our job is to provide you with the information you need to make your life as easy as is possible.

There are quite a few costs that go into running a home based blogging business of this nature: tech costs, hosting, social media management costs, and more. Plus, being that we spend hours almost every day managing this website, we do not get paid for our time by anyone except you: our beloved readers.  This means that sometimes when you click on a link in a post or from our sidebar and buy something we earn a small fee from the manufacturer or company.

In addition to that, we also run free giveaways, share special offers, accept opportunities to write posts or a series of posts in which we work directly with a company who are underwriting the costs involved with our time and effort to share it. This, however, is only if these opportunities are valuable and helpful to our readers and fits the topics of this blog.

Regardless, we always strive to be open and honest with our readers and what we share with them. You can trust that the views and opinions expressed here are solely ours and is not influenced by money. No matter how much someone may try to pay to get us to say something about their product(s), if it is not in line with our integrity and/or outside the perimeters of this blog's content, we will not post it.

Being that we are also human and don't always get it right, please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns about something published here.  We won't be able to please everyone, but we do welcome your input.

Effective as of July 10, 2018

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