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At Eiklor Essence we pride ourselves in making good quality salves, balms, and ointments for anyone looking to use chemical free products that actually work. Everything that we make we use on our own family. We also enjoy creating lovely decorations and cards for Adonai's (God's) special High Holy Days and historical holidays. Here's what we have to offer!

This is by far our most popular creation that we are incredibly proud of. It was made out of desperation by the Misses who greatly desired to help out the Mister who was suffering from a debilitating shoulder injury that caused him great pain for many years. Just one month of  putting this cream on daily and not only does he no longer feel any pain, he also has full range of motion back. Read more about our testimony here.

This stuff greatly reduces swelling, detoxes wounds from whatever created them (for example, if you were cut by a dirty knife this will clean out the wound and detox it from the germs that contaminated the knife), and destroys pain. A great example is from our daughter's friend who got a nasty wound on her elbow from falling on it while running on the road. She happily announced that the wound ointment made the pain go away almost immediately, the next day the swelling was reduced, and within a week her elbow was almost back to normal. That's pretty impressive for such a large wound! Take a look at it for yourselves:

I (the Misses) am absolutely IN LOVE with this stuff!!! I am from Hawaii and I was not at all prepared for how dry the States would be for my preciously soft lips until after I moved here. Years of using someone else's lip balm that I would have to apply over and over again to keep them moist and I am happy to have my very own recipe using Rose Hips Infusions. WOW! One application and I am pretty much set for the rest of the day. Even my mom says she's in love with it!!!

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