Greetings, and thank you for your interest in partnering with Eiklor Essence! We started this blog about 2 months ago with a vision to reach families all over the world and help train them in the things that help make family life easier and more meaningful. At Eiklor Essence we discuss spiritual topics and bettering ourselves through ethics and morals. We also train families in organization, healthy lifestyles through proper diet, exercise, hormone therapy, and organic gardening, finances, etc. Anything that we feel will enrich the lives of families we write about and promote.

If you are interested in advertising on Eiklor Essence then please  review the requirements carefully, choose one or more of the following options, and submit one email (if required for the advertising option you have selected) to use containing all the criteria required.


Right now we are offering adspace without a fee, but we do require a few things from you before we agree to do your advertisement:

Requirement #1: Follow us on our facebook profile, follow us on twitteryoutube, or instagram and inform us in the email you send us with your advertising preference (sidebar button, MLM guest post, product reviews) what profile you used to like our page and/or follow us. NOTE: you only need to pick one social media outlet to like/follow to fulfill this requirement. Or you can like/follow them all. We thank you for the extra support!

Requirement #2: Share our blog on at least one of your social media websites and then submit to us (in the same email as listed above) the link to said post.

Each advertising option will require both above requirements to be accepted. You will have to do requirements #1 and #2 again for each additional advertising option you choose.

Sidebar adspace button:

If you would like an image of your business on our sidebar (to the right of our website) then submit a button showcasing your business with a link to your website to us in an email to Your ad must fit within the content of this blog and your website must also be G Rated or it will not be accepted. Ad order is based on a first come first served basis. You will be guaranteed at least one full week for your ad to appear in our sidebar.

As this blog grows we will eventually include other advertising options such as product reviews and product giveaways. Check back often to see if this page has been updated.

(Last updated on 8/13/2018)

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